Top 18 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners without a Website in 2024: (The Ultimate List)

Are you thinking of making money through affiliation, but have no website? Are you tired of searching for the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website? 

Then, the search is over now. Welcome to the top 18 best affiliate programs for beginners without a website. Here you get the ultimate list of best affiliate programs for beginners without a website. 

An affiliate program is affiliate marketing, in which the marketer earns income by advertising the products of different brands within a specific niche. However, the payment is made to the publisher of the product only after reaching the certain threshold that the producer has set during the initial contract. 

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon associates affiliation

Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate markets worldwide. 

 It allows social media influencers to advertise their products over their social media account, and share those products with a wide range of audiences.

Moreover, customers can directly place their orders through these social media platforms, making Amazon associates more flexible.

 People from any country or time zone can register here and earn using Amazon associates. The registration process is very basic, no master plan is needed.

First, sign up for Amazon associates. Then one will get the affiliate connection, and display the products of Amazon on one’s social media platform, fostering engagement with potential customers.

If the customers buy those products through their social media accounts then they would get paid for it, making it a lucrative way to earn money over time.

The commission rate is different for different products, but one thing is for sure, the more customer traffic to Amazon, the more payout.

The first payout is made after crossing a certain threshold. Advertisers are given their payout using a PayPal account.

URL: Amazon Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: N/A

2. Click Bank

Click Bank affiliation

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs in the world of affiliate marketing. It takes good care of its affiliates, ensuring they receive ample and fast support and resources within their chosen niche.

They have more than 100,000 affiliates and have paid $ 6.2 billion over 25 years as the commission for affiliates. They even offer training and education to their affiliates to help them plan for marketing.

To get started with ClickBank, you need to make a Clickbank account as an affiliate. There is a section for sellers, but make sure you are choosing to be an affiliate. It offers both revenue share and cost-per-action commission structure for payments, allowing partners to earn starting over time. 

After setting up an account, you just need to select the products that you want to promote over your social media, then you get an affiliation for that product. 

When the customers buy those products using your advertisement, you get the commission provided by Clickbank.

URL: ClickBank Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different for different products.

Physical products: 1 to 10% 

Digital products: 50 to 75%

Cookie Duration: N/A

3. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten marketing affiliation

Rakuten marketing is a giant affiliate marketing program operated by Japanese e-commerce. 

They have been operating for more than 25 years now, and they are available in more than 190 countries. Likewise, they have paid more than $1 billion as commission. 

You can sign up as a publisher for Rakuten. They allow for marketing including email marketing as well. 

So you don’t need to have your website to advertise the products. They have a wide range of products from which advertisers can choose, and use them for marketing. 

After you sign up you need to get approved by Rakuteen for affiliation. They check your content over your platform where you are going to advertise their products, as well as the audience size of your platform along with the advertising resources.

This approval process may take some time so you need to wait.

Uncommon affiliate linkages are provided to the affiliates and the sales of products through those connections are tracked. 

The commission to the affiliates is provided based on the sales made using affiliate connectives. 

URL: Rakuten Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different rates for different products

Cookie Duration: N/A

4. Fiverr

Fiverr affiliation

Fiverr Affiliates are allowed to promote their products even without a personal website.

Fiverr manages all the activities of the program including tracking commissions and providing promotional materials, making it accessible and facilitating the success of their affiliates.

It is one of the most popular freelancing sites, which connects freelancers and clients. 

Just need to sign up for Fiverr affiliates to get started with it. Once you sign up, you need to get approved by Fiverr. Only after the approval you will be provided with the affiliate dashboard, where an advertiser can find the affiliation unique for him/her, and other promotional materials for their campaign.

If the customers sign up for the Fiverr service through that associate, then the commission for that sale is received. With a proper plan, earnings can grow rapidly.

Commissions to the affiliates are provided every month, and managed by the company itself.

URL: Fiverr Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Differ according to the service

Cookie Duration: Mentioned in program details

5. Etsy

Etsy affiliation

Etsy is one of the most popular programs for handmade gifts for everyone, catering to a wide niche of artisans and creators.

Anyone can sell their products here. There are two ways in which an individual can join as an Etsy affiliate campaign.

The first one is the Affiliate program. This one is for the ones with their website.

Similarly, the second one is Creator Co., and this is the one for influencers. Influencers can promote the products of Etsy on your platform such as YouTube, and bloggers on their blogs. 

To sign up for the program, need to register yourself on Etsy. Anyone can be a seller as well as an Etsy affiliate and can promote the product over your platform.

First, apply for “Join as Creator Co.” and then after getting approval, select the products to advertise. It would provide an affiliate connective, and if sales are made through that connective then payout will be received,depending on the terms of the program. 

URL: Etsy Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different for different products

Cookie Duration: Mentioned in the program details

6. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network affiliation

Ebay Partner Network is one of the best affiliate programs, especially for beginners without a website.

The working of the eBay partner network is quite easy, making it easier for affiliates to navigate. Those affiliates that register to the eBay partner network are eBay’s specific partners, and they send their followers to shop at the eBay global marketplace.

Those social media followers are likely to buy something from the marketplace once they visit those sites, and if they do, affiliates get the profit. EBay helps to grow the audiences over the program. 

An affiliate network is required to act as a middleman between commerce sites and traffic partners.

In the case of eBay, it manages its affiliate network, which serves to offer the partners the essential tools, resources, and reports to track their sales and make plans for the future, contributing to their success. 

There are 8 different affiliate models of eBay, and if you are someone without your website the most suitable ones are social sharing and email marketing, YouTube marketing. As per the name, they are easy to do as well.

For social sharing, just need to share the product on your social media, and if your followers click the link on your page and then buy something from eBay, the commission for it will be received.

Similarly, for email marketing, the user just needs to send a lot of emails, and can automate the process with even a little knowledge of Python programming and Microsoft Excel. 

URL: eBay Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Performance-based commission, so the more traffic, the more you earn.

Rate Card:

CategorySub-Category% of SaleCap (USD)
Business & IndustrialBusiness & Industrial2.5%$225
CollectiblesArt & Antiques; Coins & Paper Money; Crafts; Dolls & Bears; Entertainment Memorabilia; Miscellaneous Collectibles; Pottery & Glass;

Sports & Leisure; Stamps, Toys, Hobbies, and Games

ElectronicsCameras & Photo; Cell Phones & Accessories; TV, Video & Audio; Video Games & Consoles2.0%$550
 Computers, Tablets & Networking1.5%$550
FashionClothing, Shoes & Accessories; Health & Beauty; Jewelry & Watches4.0%$550
Home & GardenAlcohol & Food, Appliances, Baby, Miscellaneous Home & Garden, Pet Supplies3.0%$550
LifestyleGift Cards & Coupons, Miscellaneous Lifestyle, Musical Instruments, Sports, Tickets & Events3.0%$550
MediaBooks, Comics & Magazines, DVDs & Movies, Music3.0%$550
Parts & AccessorieseBay Motors4.0%$100
 Vehicle Parts & Accessories3.0%$550
Real EstateReal Estate1.0%$100
All OtherAll Other4.0%$550

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

7. Target

Target affiliation

Target Affiliates is one of the easiest and most trusted affiliate programs. There are so many things that are attractive about target affiliates, which include quick registration, good commission, and easy tracing of affiliates.

Enjoy the newsletters, promos & deals each week which assist in creating content as well. Target affiliates care a lot about their affiliate partners, ensuring they receive ample support and resources, including timely communication and promotional materials. 

There are three easy steps for an affiliate partnership. The first step is registration. It’s free to sign up in target affiliates, which means creating a path for income to flow into your bank account for free. The second step is to inspire your audience. Since we are using only social media, we need to inspire the audience on those platforms to buy the product through marketing.

For each specific product, a distinctive affiliation will be created, and if audiences click those affiliations and buy the products, the advertiser will receive the commission for their service.

Hence, the final step is to earn on every qualifying purchase made through your connections. Marketers can increase income over the program through marketing. 

There are several kinds of products on for marketing, and choose any products that fit your interest to promote. 

URL: Target Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8% 

Cookie Duration: N/A

8. Bluehost

Bluehost affiliation

Bluehost affiliate program is one of the most loved affiliate programs by its affiliate partners.

It has helped its affiliate partners maximize their commissions of the affiliates by providing them with great tips and suggestions for marketing. Once started using the Bluehost affiliate program, it has the potential to hook anyone.

There are quick and easy steps to register for the affiliate program, and it is free. Just click on bluehost and then receive the sign-up for free option there.

Once you create the account, you will get a unique code, which is responsible for tracing the products that will be sold through your affiliation. There is a wide range of banners and ads, just find the one that is the most suitable for your platform.

Marketers will get a commission for each qualified referral. They can do limitless earning with the banners and ads on their social media platform through marketing the program.

Moreover, to maximize the earnings, it is a must to keep growing the customers using dedicated marketing. Marketer’s traffic is distinguished using the unparalleled connections offered to each.

Markets might be wondering, how will they receive the payment. Payout is really quick, and they pay the commission through PayPal or Electronic Bank Transfer for their service.

The best part is that they even pay the fees associated with the PayPal transfer, so you could get the full 65% for each sale. For any queries related to affiliates on Bluehost, you can contact the support team through: 

URL: Bluehost Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $65 for each qualified referral

Cookie Duration: N/A

9. Udemy

Udemy affiliation

Udemy is an educational platform, which offers a wide range of courses in various in-demand topics across different subjects like engineering, medicine, personal development, finances, and more.

They have highly qualified instructors, who are experienced and passionate. Thus, Udemy sells the courses to the customers, and affiliates can choose any course to display on their social media platforms, unlocking their potential. 

There are a few easy steps to receive membership as a marketer in this program and get started with the Udemy affiliate program.

First, register for the program, it will take 3 to 4 business days to review your application. Once reviewed by the team, and everything turns out well, start as an affiliate partner.

There are some benefits for affiliate partners besides the commission for each sale. They offer publisher-exclusive promotions and exclusive content to marketers.

For promotion, use your marketing skills, choose the courses to promote, and receive unique affiliations that track the sales made through your promotion. The payout can be done using Paypal transfer for the marketer’s service.

If confused, or want to learn more about the Udemy affiliate program, visit the Udemy Affiliate Help Center and contact there. 

URL: Udemy Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Competitive commission rates, and the more you promote, the more you can earn. 

Cookie Duration: N/A

10. SkillShare

Skillshare affiliation

Skillshare is a platform where one can share their content. Once a Skillshare affiliate, share new classes and new content that are made by the Skillshare members, ensuring quality offerings.

The individual identity which is your affiliation helps in knowing the sales that are made through your social media post.

Simply choose to display the courses and contents over any other platforms as well, but if an affiliate is a beginner, and does not have a personal website, then they can promote the Skillshare courses through your social media as well. 

There are over 28,000 online classes and 60,000 student projects on Skillshare. After registration for the Skillshare affiliate program, potential candidates can choose any course or any project to offer on your social media.

Marketers receive an affiliation using which the purchases made through the post are tracked. There are various exclusive offers for the affiliate partners, which will help you grow more as an affiliate partner.

Real-time tracking is done to track all your traffic, and all those things are displayed in your dashboard.

Moreover, for payments, there is the provision of monthly payouts for every new referral. 

If you still doubt if you are eligible for Skillshare’s affiliate program, then let’s clear your doubt as well.

You don’t need a website to get started, and you can share the courses and their services through channels, like Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or email newsletters, making it an excellent and valuable opportunity for marketing.

Also, the process of making the Skillshare affiliate account is completely free.

URL: SkillShare Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration:30 day

11. Apple iTunes

Apple Itunes affiliation

Apple iTunes affiliate program is the affiliate program that helps to earn income by sharing iTunes content like books, music, audiobooks, and movies. The process of getting started with the Apple iTunes Affiliate program is much like other programs. 

First, sign up for the program, and after creating an account, your application will be reviewed.

Application review might take a few days to determine if the applicant is a good fit or not, and if approved, the user will get to choose the products they want to promote over social media pages like Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and so on.

They will offer a unique affiliation for each of the posts that they are going to promote which helps to create a user-friendly experience by allowing easy tracking of the sales made by advertisers.

This affiliation helps in tracking the purchases made through the post so that marketers can get the right commission for the sales.

Moreover, affiliate partners can access special assets with the special tools and resources provided to the partners for better marketing of the products, and to help them earn more and check their progress. 

URL: Apple iTunes Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Performance-based commission policy

Cookie Duration: N/A

12. ShareASale

Shareasale affiliation

ShareASale is the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platform. It is in North America, but you can partner with it from any part of the world.

You can join ShareASale as a merchant who wants to sell its goods, or as an affiliate partner, whose job is to promote the products of those merchants, and for each qualified referral affiliate partner would get paid.

As an affiliate partner, you can promote any brand that you love over the platform that is best suitable for you, making it a user-friendly experience. 260 affiliates join ShareASale every single day, now it’s your time to be an affiliate partner and make a profit. 

If you don’t have a website but are a social media influencer then also you can join the ShareASale affiliate program.

To apply, you just need to sign up and wait for the selection committee to approve your application. After getting approval, you can start promoting products over your platform on any day.

There will be an affiliate connection that will track the number of purchases through your posts, and you will get a commission for each sale.

Moreover, you will get affiliate partnership benefits as well. 

URL: ShareASale Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different for different products

Cookie Duration: N/A

13. CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate affiliation

CJ Affiliate is one of the world’s largest and most trusted marketing ecosystems which is working on enhancing the commercial growth of brands, advertisers, and creators.

It has made 157 million transactions annually and has generated revenue of more than 16 billion dollars annually. 

CJ affiliate allows to connect to different brands whose products affiliates are willing to promote, and it offers an opportunity for higher commission rates by negotiation on any day.

The products can be listed on different sites to offer in your social media content, emails, or videos for marketing. The step to sign up as a CJ affiliate is simple, just need to sign up as an influencer in the online market.

After that, contact with the brands and promote their products through marketing. CJ affiliates offer exclusive benefits for qualified influencers, providing them with a choice of higher commission rates, educational newsletters with strategies to earn more, a dedicated guiding team, and so on, building trust with its partners. 

URL: CJ Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Negotiable

Cookie Duration: N/A

14. Shopify

Shopify affiliation

Shopify is one of the biggest business programs. You can be anyone with a large audience. Your task is simply to help reach the business on Shopify to your audiences while acting as a mediator.

You get competitive referral commissions for each sale of the products when it is done through your affiliation. 

The steps are simple and are similar to other affiliate programs. You will apply to Shopify as an affiliate.

For that, you need to fill out some of the forms, and after submission of the form, you will receive an email from Shopify within 5 business days.

Once approved as an affiliate your task is to promote the products over your social media platform. Shopify also assists you in your growth by providing guidance.

Also, you can view the detailed performance insights of your affiliate links through your dashboard over any month or any day. 

If you are willing to know more about Shopify affiliates, there are multiple videos on the website of Shopify affiliates. You can check them out there as well.

For payments, the Shopify affiliate program supports both direct deposit to the bank account and PayPal. 

URL: Shopify Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different for different products

Cookie Duration: N/A

15. Flex offers

Flex offers affiliation

FlexOffers is a great platform for both advertisers and content creators. It has established over 10k affiliate programs.

It even allows its affiliate partners an opportunity to enter the multilevel digital marketing tools.

You can apply for the flex offers advertiser. Simply need to sign up as the advertiser and will get to choose the products to display on your social media, offering a wide range of options.

Automated affiliations are created once the products are chosen and if the customers buy through your post, that purchase can be traced using the affiliate link.

The affiliate link is unique and when someone buys through your link, you get a commission. Payout is deposited directly using PayPal in a month. 

Flexoffers also offers extensive services to their publishers, offering reporting tools to pull detailed reports of how much sales are done through the affiliate links, strategies for the advertisers to earn more and reach out to more people, and so on in a day or month. 

URL: FlexOffers Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different for different products

Cookie Duration: N/A

16. Ali Express

AliExpress affiliation

The AliExpress affiliate program allows an individual to sign up as an advertiser.

These individuals are allowed to choose the products that they like to display on their social media pages. Thus, not much planning is required.

Once the products are selected, tracking links are created which are also known as affiliate links. Shoppers when making orders through these links, a purchase commission is paid directly to the publishers. 

The fundamental criteria to join this affiliate program is that one must have an online presence which means one should have a certain amount of audience or traffic in a day or a month.

Joining the AliExpress Affiliate program can be done by following easy steps. First, create an AliExpress account by clicking “Register”. Then apply to the AliExpress Affiliate Program page. This is all done online. 

URL: Ali Express Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: The basic commission rate is 9% and for Hot products up to 90% 

Cookie Duration: N/A

17. Awin Affiliate Program

Awin Affiliate program

Awin Affiliate Program is one of the leading affiliate programs that provides opportunities to earn by promoting brand products over your network.

You can join the Awin Affiliate program as an advertiser, publisher, or agency. But if you do not have your website, but have a large audience on your social media platform, then it is best to join as a publisher that focuses on leveraging your social media presence.

You get a lot of benefits as a publisher along with the commissions for sales of products online. 

Awin works with different sectors that include retail and shopping, fashion, travel, finance and insurance, and telco and services. You can choose any kind of sector and focus on promoting the products from those sectors.

It is easy to apply for advertisers and can be done online. Just need to create an Awin account then you can easily apply for a publisher.

Once approved, you need to select the product options, for which an affiliate link will be generated and if the shoppers purchase through your link, you will get the commission. 

URL: Awin Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: different for different sectors

Cookie Duration: N/A

18. Impact Radius

Impact radius affiliation

Impact Radius is a market space that helps you monetize your content over your network.

You can easily earn profit by promoting the products of the brands you love.

You can get started in Impact Radius in a few easy steps which include signing up, choosing the products, and displaying them on your website or blog.

Shoppers when purchased through your links, will get a commission for it. 

URL: Impact Radius Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Different for different products

Cookie Duration: N/A


This was the top 18 affiliate programs for beginners without a website ultimate list you needed. Now you can choose any affiliate program that suits you the best and get started on the journey of promoting the products and earning money online. 

You can join as an affiliate partner in more than one of these affiliate programs as well. There are a lot of options, and it’s your choice. If you have a large audience, then don’t let it go to waste. Use your network to make money online. 

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