Top 20 Affiliate Programs That Can Pay Daily in 2024 (The Ultimate List)

Who does not want to earn passive income? In today’s digital era, earning digitally has become more accessible than ever before. 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most viable pathways to this goal, but we can often get confused about finding the correct program for our nichfe.

There are numerous affiliate programs available but while choosing them we must consider many aspects of it such as their payout system. 

After thorough research, we have come up with these top 20 best affiliate programs that pay daily in 2024.

Most affiliate programs pay their marketers at the end of the month, or quarterly but in this article, we will learn about affiliate programs that pay daily.

These programs cater to diverse niches, including business, health, fashion, legal, electronics, and many more. 

By reading this article you can choose the best niche and program that will help you generate passive income. 

1. JVZoo  

JVZoo affiliation

JVZoo is a 12-year-old marketing industry that was born when the online marketing industry was facing a crisis. 

Since then, JVZoo has been working consistently and building a huge virtual community where they have served more than 18 million vendors and affiliates. 

Users receive support and access to various tools and resources to enhance their experience in the arena.

JVZoo works with over 800k plus affiliates and on an average day they are now making transactions of 6085 product units per day. 

The best part is anyone can become a part of the JVZoo affiliate program and get paid a 50% commission on each sale directly to their personal JVZoo pay account, with no minimum payout threshold. 

The program has a 2 Tier Affiliate program which means you will get a commission on every sale made by your affiliate link. 

Additionally, you will receive a notification via email for every successful sale generated through your link.

URL: Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 50% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. PayKickStart

Paykickstart affiliation

PayKickstart is a global solution for affiliate management programs. They provide the most complete checkout, affiliate management, security compliance, subscription management, recurring billing, and retention.

One of the best parts of Paykickstart is that if you possess any skills such as creating digital courses, developing software and SaaS, creating digital products, etc, You can sell them too. 

PayKickStart affiliate programs are simple to join, you just need to apply by filling out the application and waiting for the approval.

Once approved, partners receive access to promotional materials and tracking links to start earning rewards.

Many popular businesses trust PayKickStart such as Body Fx, Viddyoze, Doodly, Toonly, and many more.  They have processed more than 9600 businesses and have made transactions of more than 4.5 million. 

These businesses are just a glimpse of the extensive list of clients and chances available.

PayKickStart provides affiliate programs for a variety of products and services which include digital to physical goods, software SaaS, and other courses. As an affiliate partner, you can gain about 25% of the revenue per sale. 

Paykickstart has built-in marketing materials and on-time, weekly commission payouts, which makes it more convenient. It was founded in 2016 and has been providing a strong platform for advertisers since then. 

URL: Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 25% Revenue

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

3. Seoclerks

SEOclerks affiliation

SeoClerks is a marketplace where you can buy and sell your freelancing skills starting from $1.

The channel offers a vast range of services that include graphics, link building, social networks, article writing, and so on.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 5% remuneration by promoting and referring users to SeoClerks.

The best thing about SeoClerks is its recurring commission model where you can get remuneration for life from your referrals.

Every individual will have their private link which can be tracked on Seoclerks. 

A Seoclerks affiliate can receive payments either daily or once a month, depending on their level. 

Seoclerks rank their affiliate partners in two ranks and the first-level users have a limit for when they can withdraw their earnings however the higher-level users can withdraw money within 24 hours after they make a purchase. 

URL: Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 5% Revenue 

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

4. Clickbank 

Clickbank affiliation

Clickbank is a global trading center for retailers and an e-commerce platform. They act as an intermediate between the final customer, the product owner, and the affiliates. 

Clickbank has more than 100k active affiliates and has paid over $6.1 billion in commissions for more than 25 years now. If you have something to sell, Clickbank also provides you with a safe space to do so. 

You can create an account and become an affiliate by just signing up on the website and promoting the affiliate link to gain a reward. Clickbank offers a remuneration of 65% to the affiliates. However, They can also be on a flat rate set by the seller or on a commission percentage. 

URL:  Clickbank Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 65% revenue 

Cookie Duration: 60 days 

5. AdCrax

Adcrax affiliation

AdCrax is an online platform that offers influencers the opportunity to monetize their content. They have about 10 years of digital experience. 

They have been actively providing the service to several bloggers and influencers since 2014. 

AdCrax is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks that has made a worldwide reach by engaging with more than 250 countries.

To join the AdCrax affiliate program you just need to sign up and then fill out the application as asked by the official website. 

AdCrax pays their affiliates according to the program chosen and their respective terms. 

URL: AdCrax Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies according to the program

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

6. Shopify 

Shopify affiliation

Shopify is an e-commerce software that helps manage every single step of our business. Shopify is a well-known global brand and has represented more than 170 countries. 

They allow users to create a virtual shop free of cost and make necessary changes to their provided shop with inbuilt drag-and-drop features. 

Shopify has millions of merchants as partners and now generates 10% of total US e-commerce. 

The affiliate program offered by Shopify is an exclusive opportunity. You can join the Shopify affiliate program by signing up with, another affiliate marketplace, and receive a reward. Shopify pays about $25 to $150 per referral and $500 for each purchase

Payments for affiliate earnings are typically facilitated through various methods, including PayPal, ensuring convenient and secure transactions for promoters.

URL: Shopify Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies but can range up to $150 – $500 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Dr. Cash

Dr cash affiliation

Dr. Cash is an Ireland-based online platform that acts as an intermediate between manufacturers and digital marketers in the fitness, and health industry. 

If you are in the business of bodybuilding or a fitness influencer then it is the best place to find suitable affiliate programs for yourself. 

More than 100k affiliates are registered here and you can also become one of them by just signing up with them. They bring the products to the doorstep of interested affiliate marketers and help them gain a good sum of revenue.

Just like the other affiliate programs, it is very simple to become a Dr. Cash affiliate program. You need to sign up and then choose the product that you want to promote and start your journey. Dr. Cash’s reward varies according to the programs listed on the channel. 

URL: Dr. Cash Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: Not confirmed  

8. Warrior plus

Warrior plus affiliation

Warrior Plus is a sales platform that offers a marketplace to both business owners and affiliate marketers. 

They have established a strong virtual community with thousands of niches assigned under their guidance. 

Warrior Plus also sells PLR articles which stands for Private Lable Rights which is best for someone who wants to earn through blogging, SEO, etc. 

Warriors Plus is mostly recognized for offering cheap products and services online which makes it the best place to begin for a newcomer in the affiliate business. Anyone can join Warrior Plus by just signing up and filling out the application. 

Then you can select their respective niche and the products and amenities they want to promote. As the other programs, Affiliate marketers’ remuneration depends on the program they choose, some offer payment on a daily basis some don’t. 

URL: Warrior plus Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: 60 days 

9. Terra Leads

Terra leads affiliation

Terra Leads is a global platform that provides high payouts through offers and smart links, showcasing significant potential for earnings. They are often called a CPA Hub that is specially created for the media companies and marketing industry. 

They offer several digital services. Terra leads localization with the right geo and often explores discounts on partner services. 

Terra Leads most promote products and services of nutraceutical and other health niches. Just like other affiliate programs, Terra Leads also has several programs and each one of them has separate rules.

After signing up with Terra Leads you can select your niche-related program which pays daily and then start the journey of passive income. 

URL: Terra Leads Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies 

Cookie Duration: Not confirmed 

10. CPA Lead

CPA lead affiliation

CPA Lead is a marketplace for mobile and software developers where they bring both users and manufacturers in contact through the help of affiliate marketers. 

Affiliates get paid on the basis of their CPI, i.e., cost per install. CPA lead is recognized by Trustpilot and has more than 200 reviews that have given their mobile apps the highest ranks. 

They have a global reach with millions of people interacting with the offers provided by their self-serve CPI advertisers. 

From games to graphic designing apps, CPA Lead has partnered with thousands of software brands. CPA Lead helps marketers make earnings instantly through their real-time bidding feature on the website. 

Users can gain revenue on every purchase made through referral links.

Anyone can join the CPA Lead affiliate program by signing up with them. They pay their affiliates nearly 10% of revenue on each purchase. 

URL: CPA Lead Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% revenue 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Practice Panther

Practice panther affiliation

Every speciality now has its affiliate program and likewise, PracticePanther was introduced in 2012 to help the legal world with required functions. 

PracticePanther offers several legal services such as case management, document management, Integration, CRM, Calendaring, and legal binding. 

PracticePanther is dedicated to helping lawyers and legal advisers, especially by providing technical support such as cloud-based systems that help manage legal workflow, security, ePayments, and many more. 

PracticePanther is one of the best affiliate programs available on the internet as it pays a flat $100 per referral. 

URL: Practice Panther Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $100 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

12. Leadbit

Leadbit affiliation

Leadbit is an international platform that offers opportunities to bloggers and social media influencers to earn by monetizing their traffic properly. 

Headquartered in Russia, Leadbit has partnerships with more than 700 affiliate programs. The arena provides real-time custom reports and has inbuilt banners especially tailored for affiliate marketers, enabling them to access instant performance insights and resources. 

Leadbit has a vast directory of programs belonging to different niches. Affiliate rewards varies according to the chosen programs however a promotional specialist can gain up to $250 per sale. 

URL: Leadbit affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies according to the programs 

Cookie Duration: 30 days  

13. ClickMagick

Clickmagick affiliation

ClickMagick is an online marketing tool that helps users track the clicks and conversions on their running ads. Managing ads and optimizing their performance is one of the major issues a marketing manager faces on a daily basis. 

ClickMagick helps marketers understand their ad performance and pick the best ads for their program. The forum has created bots that track protection, real-time reporting, and split testing for a detailed review of their ads.

More than 100k business owners use ClickMagick and optimize their sales funnel with the provided care. ClickMagick gives a remuneration of 35% to its affiliates which is recurring in nature.

Payment for affiliates is made regularly based on the specific sales generated through their referral links.

URL: ClickMagick affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 35% recurring revenue 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Rebll Network

Rebll network affiliation

As given in the name, Rebll is an affiliate network that offers affiliate opportunities to marketers from external merchants. 

Rebll specializes in providing CPL offers that pay daily. They offer flexible plans by presenting a variety of products. 

You can register into Rebll and become an affiliate member of the program. Rebll has been offering its service worldwide and is becoming an instant powerful forum in the world of affiliate marketing. 

URL: Rebll Network Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 1€ – 250€ or 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not confirmed

15. Impact

Impact affiliation

Impact is a growing partnership management platform. They offer influencers, and creators help partner with their respective brands and can bring like-minded brands and creators together. 

You can join the impact program with just a simple signup and then choose your desired niche-related program. Impact also has an inbuilt tracking system that helps affiliate marketers track the performance of their affiliate programs. 

The commission range of Impact differs according to the programs chosen by the affiliates. Impact has a flexible payment system, affiliate marketers either every month or when they reach the threshold kept by their chosen program. 

URL: Impact Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Varies according to the program

Cookie Duration: Varies according to the program

16. Mobidea

Mobidea affiliation

Mobidea is a European affiliate program driven by technology and education. They have more than 2K active campaigns and more than 800+ advertisers, making them one of the trending international affiliate networks that has over 130,000 registered affiliate partners. 

Among many affiliates of Mobidea, one of them is Neil Patel, owner of Ubersuggest, a free SEO Tool. Mobidea is a CPS-based affiliate network that pays per action. 

Offering a wide range of programs that are of different niches, Mobidea empowers markers to explore a wide array of programs. 

Anyone can join the Mobidea affiliate program by just signing up and then choosing their product from their speciality. Mobidea provides a remuneration of $90 per CPS lead which makes it more accessible for the marketers. 

Payment for affiliates is typically issue according to the agreed-upon terms, often on a regular basis, upon reaching a minimum payout threshold.

URL: Mobidea Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Up to $90 per CPS Lead

Cookie Duration: Varies on the program

17. Easy1up

Easy1up affiliation

Easy1up is an online platform that provides learning courses related to making money digitally. They have several courses which are offered at affordable prices to their customers. 

Many of their course purchaser are satisfied with the courses. Easy1up has an affiliate program that is easy to join and pays on a daily basis with quick payouts through platforms like Payoneer. 

Anyone can join the program, even the students who find the courses valuable can join and promote the infrastructure and earn. 

Easy1up promises a remuneration of 100% on sales making it a high-paying affiliate program available on the Internet. 

URL: Easy1up Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 100% Revenue

Cookie Duration: Not confirmed

18. SiteGround 

Siteground affiliation

SiteGround is a hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting, Woocommerce Hosting, and Cloud hosting. 

The platform offers the fast and best hosting solutions at affordable prices. Siteground was incorporated with the intention to help people of non-coding backgrounds understand the technical world and guide them through their internet journey. 

SiteGround has 24/7 customer service where they handle almost every query of their customers. They have several data center locations worldwide such as in Madrid, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Sofia, Dallas, Los Angeles, Singapore, and many more. 

SiteGround has an affiliate program that offers a generous remuneration of $50 to $100 per sale. In addition, they have inbuilt banners and a tracking system that affiliate marketers can use to earn effectively and optimize their performance. 

Payment for affiliate earnings is typically processed according to the program’s payment schedule, ensuring timely compensation for the referred sales, often facilitated through platforms like PayPal.

URL: SiteGround Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Up to $100 revenue

Cookie Duration: 60 days

19. OneDrone

Onedrone affiliation

One Drone is one of the most popular digital stores that specializes in selling drones and equipment related to drones. 

They were established in 2012 and were one of the first drone parts and component suppliers in Europe. 

OneDrone has been an official partner of several world’s best and most popular drone brands such as Cube Autopilot, Mauch Electronics, Team Blacksheep, DJI, FLIR, etc. 

Anyone can join the OneDrone affiliate program by signing up and then using their unique affiliate link to gain passive income. OneDrone gives a remuneration of 3% on every confirmed and successful sale. 

URL:  Onedrone Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 3% revenue

Cookie Duration: Unknown 

20. Awin

Awin affiliation

Talking about electronics, Awin is a well-known brand that offers several affiliate programs for established electronic brands, such as Samsung, O2, Oculus, etc. 

Awin is the preferred electronic affiliate program because of its focus on a daily basis payout system like PayPal. It enables their affiliates to earn in real-time. 

Now they have also expanded their programs category to Retail, Fashion, Travel, Finance and insurance, and Telco services. Awin’s remuneration varies according to the programs offered by them to the marketers.  

URL: Awin Affiliate program

Commission Rate: Varies as per the program

Cookie Duration: 30 days


All these affiliate programs pay on a daily basis and If you are interested in making a passive income online, these are the best affiliate programs available on the internet that can help you. However, do some research on your side in detail before jumping in. 

There are many niches, pick the one that suits you best and kicks off your journey as an affiliate marketer. All these above-mentioned affiliate programs are easy to join, you need to sign up. Maybe some of them will take time to approve your application but most of them can be partnered in a few minutes.

In addition, to make earnings through affiliate links you need an audience to sell these products to. For that, you need to have an established forum with traffic that can lead to conversion. 

If you can successfully create engaging traffic for yourself, then all these affiliate programs will help you earn passive revenue. Many of the affiliate programs such as Clickbank, and Warrior Plus contain thousands of programs and they all might not pay you on a daily basis so check the program’s payout system before choosing them.

However, be aware that certain affiliate programs may have restrictions on promoting adult content, so it’s essential to review everything which include their terms and conditions thoroughly.

Most affiliate programs available on the internet don’t pay daily, some pay monthly, and some pay after a tenure of 60 months. So, use the provided top 20 best affiliate programs that pay daily in 2024 to start your journey as an affiliate and make money.

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