18 Best Affiliate Programs for Digital Products: (The Ultimate List)

If you are a popular content creator who reviews digital products with a large audience, you must be searching for an affiliate program that suits you best.

Don’t worry; I have presented the list of best affiliate programs for digital products in this vast category of product niches, which you may find incredibly beneficial.

Compared to physical items, we all know digital products are intangible, distributed, created, and consumed all over the internet. These products or services can be provided to consumers through email, downloads, or online by filtering focused markets.

Under the niche of digital products affiliate program, affiliates might have to promote products and services such as online courses, digital art, music, software, ebooks, virtual goods in video games, PDF guides, apps, movies, VPN, and many more.

1. Coursera.org

Coursera Affiliate Page

Coursera is an internet-based online learning platform that offers courses and degrees from companies and universities such as Illinois, Duke, Google, IBM, Stanford, and so on. It enables anyone to learn from more than 4000 courses and specializations, from data science to personal development. 

To apply for Coursera’s affiliate program, you have to fill out the form via Impact, which is Coursera’s affiliate network ally.

Being an affiliate of Coursera, One can make up to an impressive 45% commission on all sales, with allowances for top performers. Your client must make an eligible purchase on Coursera through your referral URL.

Affiliates would also get Coursera’s custom text URL and banners and the easy-to-implement tracking system from Impact to trace sales, clicks, and earnings generated. Similarly, affiliates will get a weekly newsletter and access to their product merchandiser field, updated daily.

URL: Coursera.org Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 15% to 45% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Skillshare.com

Skillshare Affiliate Page

Based in the United States, Skillshare is an online community or a store for learners who want to consume courses, information, and ideas from video classes created by their favorite creators. Skillshare contains a variety of courses, from UX design and cooking to filmmaking and software development. An individual can also create their program or courses after getting verified.

To affiliate with Skillshare, they must apply via Impact, their ally, to host an affiliate program. A URL is below to apply for the program and earn money.

Skillshare is generous in paying its affiliates up to 40% commission. So, affiliates can gain $67, according to Skillshare, for every new consumer they refer to. Likewise, affiliates might get a personalized dashboard for real-time tracking to track referrals, traffic, and payouts.

Like-minded professionals such as brand ambassadors and publishers are suitable for this program. Hence, they can integrate their unique tracking link on social media posts, websites, or blogs to advertise the courses or services.

URL: Skillshare.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 40% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Envato.com

Envato Affiliate Page

Envato is one of the impressive leading online markets for creative tools and assets for creative people such as graphic designers, developers, video professionals, and other DIY users. Envato sells digital products such as WordPress themes, crisps icons, stock photos and videos, infographics, title openers, After Effects, Premiere Pro templates, product mockups, etc., which can be used in editing videos.

An Affiliate can join its program via Impact from the URL provided below. Envato has categorized its program into three featuring parts: Envato Elements, Placeit by Envato, and Envato Marketplace.

The remuneration provided by Envato varies according to its category. Affiliates would acquire from $20 to $120 per subscriber for Envato elements, $20 to $50 for Placeit by Envato, and a base of 30% on the first purchase from Envato market.

All the programs mentioned earlier are best for people who run successful TikTok accounts, Pinterest profiles, or YouTube channels in the graphic, web design, document, or videography business. Also, if someone is the owner or wants to lead a Publication, blog, or website, this program is also suitable for them.

URL: Envato.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 30% to 50% Revenue(Variable)

Cookie Duration: 60 to 90 days (Depends on program)

4. Hubspot.com

Hubspot Affiliate Page

If a person needs any help regarding content management, marketing, sales, and customer service, then Hubspot is an excellent platform. Hubspot supports users with all integrations, software, and resources they need for marketing their products or brand. 

To affiliate with Hubspot, one has to apply via Impact, where everyone can fill in and join. After being its affiliate, publishers might get paid a 30% recurring commission for up to one year. So, the more clients purchase via your URL, the more affiliates will be rewarded.

Hubspot contains an extensive library from which affiliates can access over 400 training guides and promotional assets, as well as helpful tips and tricks. Similarly, they offer a performance report feature from which affiliates may optimize their promotions by including tracking parameters and a monitoring interface with highly customizable reports. So, affiliates can get increased compensation based on performance.

Likewise, Hubspot has categorized its affiliates into three tiers: Hubspot, super, and elite affiliates. Affiliates will receive additional perks with each promotion and marketing. To promote themselves, affiliates must bring 100 to 200 monthly signups to be in super and over 200 to be in the elite category.

URL: Hubspot.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 30% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 180 days

5. Convertkit.com

Convertkit Affiliate Page

Suppose a person is a professional engaged in authoring, online coaching, course creation, podcasting, and other content-driven businesses. In that case, Convertkit might be a helpful tool since it helps creators grow their business by connecting with their audience. It is a full-featured newsletter marketing software developed by Nath Barry.

Convertkit has hosted its program in an affiliate network called Linkmink. So, they can apply for this program through linkmink. Convertkit pays its affiliates a 30% recurring commission for up to 24 months on sales generated via their unique referral link.

If publishers know the benefits of email marketing and have an audience who needs such a powerful yet accessible tool, they can share the custom link with their audience.

Similarly, other bonus perks are affiliates may get a training course, promo code, graphics & video assets, webinars, and an interface or dashboard to track the progress.

URL: Convertkit.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 30% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 90 days

6. Domain.com

Domain.com Affiliate Page

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Domain.com is an excellent web hosting and domain registrar company and a subsidiary of Newfold Digital. It also provides other quality services, including website builder, newsletter & marketing services, WordPress hosting, SSL certificates, and site lock security.

Impact is Domain.com’s official affiliate network partner of Domain.com from where affiliates can sign up for the program. After getting approved, an average affiliate can gain up to 30% commission on the total qualifying domain registration resulting from the affiliate’s referral link.

Similarly, affiliates might also get an additional bonus if their clients purchase other services such as Web Hosting and Website building. Let me tell you, affiliates can acquire up to $110 from web space purchases and up to $100 from Website Builder services purchases.

The benefits of joining its affiliate program are that publishers or bloggers who advertise will be provided links and banners to add to their websites, a unique promo code, reliable tracking, and a dedicated affiliate team to grow their business.

URL: Domain.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 30% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 60 days

7. Wpengine.com

Wpengine Affiliate Page

Founded in 2010, Wpengine is a Server space company that specializes in offering the most reliable and fastest WordPress hosting. It provides website tools such as website monitoring, global edge security, plugin manager, Genesis WordPress, website tester, WordPress themes and tools, and so on. 

Unlike other brands, Affiliates can apply for its program by filling in their information from the website. After submitting, affiliates might be redirected to ShareASale to activate their account. Affiliates will be notified once they review and approve their account.

Similarly, affiliates may also get access to specified and friendly WP engine’s affiliate manager for any help, along with custom co-branded assets, pre-designed banners, and landing pages to install in their domain. Promoters may receive optimized and custom funnels to maximize their income and delight the cited visitors.

Your audience will also benefit from this program since it provides special promotions and custom discounts. 

URL: Wpengine.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: $200 to $290 per sale

Cookie Duration: 180 days

8. Siteground.com

Siteground Affiliate Page

Founded in 2004, Siteground is a vast web hosting business that specializes in offering multiple hosting services, such as cloud hosting, shared hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration. It provides hosting services for Magento, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal, and WooCommerce websites.

Professionals involved in blogging and development and business owners can apply for this program from Siteground’s website and start growing their business or related niche.

Being an affiliate of Siteground, the commission they provide varies from $50 to $100 or more depending on the sales made. For instance, if a person can make 1 to 5 sales per month, S/he may earn $50 per sale; in the same way, if an average person can produce 11 to 20 or more sales per month, S/he may reach $100 or more.

Affiliates can not only receive high commissions but can also enjoy exclusive higher conversion rates along with their fast and competent affiliate support for productivity and performance optimization. 

Another benefit of being involved in its affiliate program is affiliates can access attractive visuals that include ready-to-go and fancy screenshots and banners to help them grow their audience engagement.

URL: Siteground.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: $50 to $100 per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

9. BigCommerce.com

Bigcommerce Affiliate Page

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, BigCommerce is a huge e-commerce company that offers software as a service (SaaS) products to merchants. It sells services to retailers, from small startups to mid-market businesses to large organizations or enterprises. Similarly, Bigcommerce provides solutions to any industry, from fashion & apparel, health & beauty, and manufacturing to Automotive and CBD.

Anyone can apply for its affiliate program via Impact, their affiliate network partner. Affiliates can refer their audience to BigCommerce and earn an exclusive 200% bounty per referral, which is also equal to $1500 per enterprise customer. So far, it is the highest commission any company could offer.

BigCommerce also has ready-to-use content for your audience so that affiliates can save money and time on content creation and reach their audience quickly. They would even provide custom links, premade banners, and emails for your blogs and webinars.

Affiliates or publishers would also get an advanced dashboard from Impact, which offers tracking of your trials, clicks, commissions, and sales and a dedicated affiliate manager to increase your website visibility.

URL: BigCommerce.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 200% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Buzzsprout.com

Buzzsprout Affiliate Page

In 2008, Kevin Finn and Tom Rassi founded Buzzsprout to make podcasting uncomplicated and accessible for all content creators or editors. This fantastic platform simplifies the podcasting process, making it easy and accessible for the creators to share their content with global listeners.

Buzzsprout has a few setup options that allow creators to start without a significant learning curve and offers a simple podcast host solution. This platform helps you to reach people worldwide as it distributes your podcast to the most decisive matches.

Buzzsprout will provide a $20 credit for every paid plan account you refer to your mates. Not only you but the person to whom you cited will also achieve Buzzsprout $20 credit so that they will be encouraged to purchase more and generate a recurring income.

Buzzsprout has also announced the cohost-AI tool, which automatically helps to generate titles, descriptions, chapter markers, and transcription for your podcast. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to have podcasts on their website.

URL: Buzzsprout.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: $20 per referred paid account

Cookie duration: Forever

11. Linode.com

Linode Affiliate Page

Linode, which was founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker, is a cloud computing platform that accelerated innovation by making Linux virtual machines simple, affordable, and accessible to all people across the world. Linode was created to provide reasonable and virtual private servers to users to manage and set up their servers in cloud computing services.      

For decades, many marketers and developers worldwide have engaged and deployed their modern Android, MAC, and PC applications faster and easier on Linode. With Linode, you and your team can efficiently work to build web, mobile, database, and machine-learning applications.

With this fantastic platform, you can earn simply by referring your link to the audience through your blogs and websites. At first, you have to pay 25$ to achieve your private referral link from your account center. There is a condition that the person to whom you cited has to pay 25$ for cloud services and must have a 90-day activation status. Then only you will receive 25$ credit on your account.

Similarly, it offers reliable web space services focusing on simplicity and customer satisfaction. Hence, it is a growing product in a market that could offer everyone a handsome payment.

URL: linode.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: $25 per referred account

Cookie Duration: 90 days 

12. Clickfunnels.com

Clickfunnels Affiliate Page

Clickfunnels is an American software company providing a platform for designing and operating business sales funnels. Through clickfunnels, you can sell any product and services across the world.

Many marketers and business people need help to make effective sales from their websites. Looking at this problem, Russell Johnson created click funnels for marketers and business people, which helped them attract customers and make effective sales. With click funnels, you can share a wide range of images, videos, and descriptions of your product with a simple touch, consuming less time. Inside this platform, you can use more than 10 Clickfunnels templates and more than 20 graphic packs and design templates.

Clickfunnels’ affiliate program offers users an exclusive 30% commission on every referred sale.

It offers the funnel challenge for elite entrepreneurs to earn up to $89.10 monthly. You won’t believe it, but guess what? You can win your dream car if you bring over 100 customers.

You often see ads on various sites or windows, then click that, and afterward, you will be directly sent to another page. Surprisingly, you are in the funnel. Clickfunnels redirect visitors to change them into paying customers. Clickfunnels also provides various online courses and plans for website building, blogging, building funnels, and landing pages.

So, If you are Looking for an online platform to sell your products globally, this is the best platform to grow your business.

URL: Clickfunnels.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: 30% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 45 days

13. Teachable.com

Teachable Affiliate Page

Teachable is an American digital platform launched in 2013 that helps to create, manage, and sell online educational courses. It makes online education more accessible and encourages people to share their skills and knowledge through the platform.

With Teachable, marketers can create their online videos and courses related to Adobe, web development, and everything in a second, which will boost their courses to global students. So, anyone can start their teaching journey from it as it provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform for tutors and students.

You can earn up to a regular 30% commission when the person you referred acquires a teachable subscription. You can further generate your earnings if you conduct your live classes.

Similarly, Teachable also offers a feature called “Robust Campaign Reporting” to analyze campaigns for any period according to products, conversions, clicks, and more, along with monthly emails about any updates that might interest your audience. 

URL: Teachable.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: 30% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Squarespace.com

Squarespace Affiliate Page

Established in 2003, Squarespace is an international platform for businesses and user who want to create and manage their websites with a simple effort. Squarespace offers a wide range of templates for everything needed inside the window or website, as it provides templates for online stores, local businesses, portfolios, courses, and so on.

Anyone can join the Squarespace affiliate program via Impact. Squarespace offers lucrative commissions of up to $200 on products purchased by your clients through your referral link.

Likewise, affiliates will get tracking links, assets, and creative resources to boost their business or sales and a monthly newsletter to inform them about Squarespace’s latest updates and platform features. 

They also have a feature called Performance or Productivity transparency, which would cater to affiliates with access to insights about the monetary incentive they earned as well as the number of referrals brought. That’s why everyone loves and trusts Squarespace.

URL: Squarespace.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: $100 to $200 revenue

Cookie Duration: 45 days

15. Wix.com

Wix Affiliate Page

Created in 2006, Wix provides an easy-to-made functionality for designing websites and making them accessible to a global audience. It offers various templates and web space services from which you can purchase domains and optimize your websites for search engines.

Publishers can apply or sign up to be its affiliates by filling out an application directly from Wix’s website. After that, they can plug in Wix links and creatives on their websites, social media, or in any specific domain they are engaged in.

Affiliates can earn a profitable commission by marketing Wix since, According to the Wix affiliate program, you can make up to $100 by selling Wix on your websites. You can achieve your earnings safely and comfortably from the Wix payment tool.

Similarly, the perks of getting involved in its program are that affiliates could receive a competitive payout for every conversion, bring unlimited referrals since there is no limit, and select creative resources from the highest performing and regularly updated banners and media.

URL: Wix.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: $100 Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Shopify.com

Shopify Affiliate Page

Shopify is a reputable and trusted digital e-commerce platform that helps creators to establish online selling shops. It allows experienced businesses and expert retailers to earn and sell their products to customers from different countries. Hence, we can say that Shopify is simple to use and a secure brand for advertising average and vintage products.

To be an affiliate of Shopify, the person has to apply from Impact, Shopify’s official affiliate network partner. 

The commission structure has not been adequately disclosed on Shopity’s website, but don’t worry, I have done the deed for you. Per my findings, Shopify pays its affiliates commissions ranging from $25 to $150, depending on the country or region your customer purchases from.

Shopify’s program is one of the best for review sites, influencers, editors, course educators, and content creators. Likewise, They also offer a library of global creatives, lead magnets, and ready-made education, along with detailed personal performance insights via Impact’s dashboard.

URL: Shopify.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: $25 to $150 Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. Todoist.com

Todoist Affiliate Page

Due to a busy lifestyle, a person cannot remember everything that has to be done at a particular time since humans can’t remember every task inside their brains. Because of this reason, Todoist is here to remind you of the task at the preferred time. A person has to enter their task and its duration, and the Todoist will remind anyone of their task for the given time. 

Todoist has chosen PartnerStack as their affiliate network partner to host their affiliate program. Anyone can apply through PartnerStack using the URL below.

Through this fantastic platform, Affiliates have the potential to generate a great commission of up to 25% on each sale from any country, which signifies that affiliates can earn commission from anywhere due to global coverage and world-class product localization.

This program is incredible for content producers and publications. But besides the affiliate program, Todoist also offers two other channel partnerships: Ambassadors and Resellers. So, a person can read the conditions and select the particular program of their choice.

URL: Todoist.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: 25% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 90 days

18. Babbel.com

Babbel Affiliate Page

If you are unsatisfied with improving the language you are willing to learn, you can try this fantastic platform. Babbel is great for people who want to learn foreign languages since it provides multiple language courses through its websites or apps. More than 10 million international people are part of the Babbel subscription as it has provided good results for them within a short time.

Affiliates can join Babbel’s program through Impact by clicking the URL, starting to promote their products on your website, and referring to your audience.

Babbel offers direct subscription packages of $50.70 for six months,$83.40 yearly, and $299.99 for a lifetime subscription, so an average person can earn by recommending to their friends on this platform. 

Similarly, Affiliates have the potential to acquire up to $86 according to the purchase package. For instance, a person earns 10 euros from a 1-month subscription, 20 euros from a 3-month subscription, and 40 euros from a 6-month subscription, and in the same manner, they can acquire up to 75 euros from Babble lifetime subscription and 80 euros from Babbel live purchase.

URL: Babbel.com Affiliate program

Commission Rate: $10 to $86 Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days


I have tried to present you with top-notch programs that provide handsome commissions. Still, there are also a lot of other brands I might not have covered, such as Express VPN, Shopify, Amazon Associate, SEO auditing tools, Adobe, MacPaw, Notion, FreshBooks, Semrush, MindValley, Mailer Lite, and many more.

So, a starting beginner can also visit their affiliate websites to get more information and ideas about their program and choose and apply for some of them that suit their domain and audience the best since you do not need the experience to check. Similarly, most of the brands might pay you through PayPal.

With the increasing number of internet users and the development of AI tools, there will also be an increase in demand for digital products and services. Hence, a business person or any other beginner should consider advancing and entering the digital world at least once and adding some effort to this world, which might help them and the communities grow and gain more passive income.

To sum up, if anyone is confused or has a query regarding the affiliate mentioned above program, they can visit the particular brand’s website or article and ask them through their email or any social media handles where they are available.

The Affiliate's List