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We have spent a lot of time researching each affiliate program so you don’t need to. All the programs in the list are verified manually.

Detailed Information

Each row in the list contains valuable information like affiliate URL, commission, tags, affiliate duration, and contact information which are updated periodically.

Searchable Database

The data is presented in an AirTable view that allows you to search, filter, and easily sort the data based on the selected filters.


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2,600+ affiliate programs

260+ niches

 Highly profitable programs: 15% – 300%

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 Searchable Airtable View

 Filters: languages, tags, commissions…

 Site URL, sign-up link, contact info…

 Last Update: 1st April 2024

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Affiliate Programs

• 2,600+ highly profitable affiliate programs

• 260+ niches

• 15% – 300% revshare

• $5 – $10,000 commissions

• One time & Recurring

• Multiple countries per program

Data Points

• Name

• Website

• Languages

• Signup link

• Commissions

• Duration

• Recurring

• Contact email

• Tags

Markets / Languages










Why Join The Ultimate Affiliate List?

Searching for relevant affiliate programs is always a hassle. That’s where our product comes in. You will get access to top affiliate programs which can be easily filtered or sorted to find a program that matches your content or your audience target.

This will save you hours of research finding the perfect product or service to promote and will help you to earn (much) more money.

You will find thousands of affiliate programs. Some will bring you up to 80% in recurring commissions 🤯

The list is always updated with the latest affiliate programs that offer great commissions for affiliates. If an affiliate program closes its doors, we also delete it from the Affiliate List.

We have gathered the best affiliate programs of 2024 for you, so you don’t have to search for them.

The Ultimate Affiliate List is perfect for:

  • Website owners and bloggers who do affiliate marketing
  • Content creators who review and write about products and services
  • Freelancers and agencies who recommend products for their clients
  • Influencers who want to earn some extra cash…

All the data in our list are manually researched and constantly updated.

Search & filters

You can type any keywords related to the affiliation’s name, one-time / recurring, duration, tags, or anything you’re looking for.

Keywords search

Tags are very useful when you want to select one or multiple specific niches. We have more than 250 tags/niches.

Tags research

This filter allows you to select one or multiple countries & languages available for the affiliate programs.

Countries & Languages search

Filter the affiliate programs by pourcentage / amount of commission to get a better view of the most profitable ones.

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The Affiliate’s List reviews

Worth it. Time spent, filtering, affiliate program ideas AND niches. $39 well-spent!


$39 to have access to a constantly updated list of affiliate programs, it’s a bargain. Great job!


This list can save you time and 💵! I already have access to Max’s list and I guarantee you that it’s awesome 🚀🚀🚀

Léonard Rogriguez

I bought it right off the bat and it’s awesome! Very useful if you are looking for affiliate programs that pay well 💰. Regularly updated list + new niches.

Nova SEO

Purchased on Day 1, it’s solid. A lot of U.S. and marketing tools for now, but in my opinion, it’s going to be more powerful with French affiliate programs.

Rudy Dindault

Rudy Dindault


The list is crazy for niche ideas. It’s going to get me out of the Amazon affiliate business for a bit. I wasn’t sure where to look, this is great. Congrats on the project!

Marc-Antoine Garnier


Who is this product for?

The product is useful for content creators, bloggers and affiliate marketers. However, anyone willing to earn some extra cash through affiliate marketing can use the list.

What is the source of data?

We collect these data by visiting and manually verifying each website and affiliate program. All the data are available publicly.

Why are some data points missing from the list?

We try our best to get every possible information about each program. However, some of them don’t reveal all the information or are ambiguous, hence the missing data.

Will more data be added in the future?

Yes, we will keep adding more affiliate programs to the list. You can also submit your own affiliate program or one you’d like to be added to the current list using this form. The program has to offer at least 15% commissions to be accepted.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Of course! You can enjoy a nice 50% commission on each sale (Level 1) + 10% on your referrals sales (Level 2).
You can ask to join our affiliate program right here. Just let us know how and where you want to promote The Affiliate’s List.

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