21 Best Cat Affiliate Programs: (The Ultimate List)

Do you operate a vet clinic, or do your profession and daily life revolve around cats? Do you want to increase your cash flow by recommending cat products to your communities and clients?

This chart of the best cat affiliate programs is beneficial if you do.

Cats are one of the most popular pets in this world since there are around 46 million cat owners in the USA alone. So, people need commodities to ensure the well-being of their cats.

Under the niche of the cat affiliate programs, you may have to advertise and promote cat care products, cat foods, toys, clothing, and other supplements related to cats. Likewise, you can also recommend cat houses, beds, and goody boxes throughout your referral link.

1. PetSafe.com

Petsafe Affiliate Page

Established in 1998, PetSafe is a brand providing pet products. They mainly sell products and commodities related to dogs and cats, such as Smart Litter boxes, Harnesses and leashes, Fountain & Feeders, Toys, Mobility accessories, etc. They can also provide training lessons to your pets and cater a unique fence system to keep them safe.

PetSafe has partnered with Pepperjam Ascend to host their affiliate program, which also helps them bill and discover publishers. You can sign up to be its associate via the link below.

As a PetSafe affiliate, you can get a 10% compensation on every sale made through your referral link. Likewise, compensation could increase for high performers.

You can also get their dedicated Affiliate guide even before applying. Another perk is you will receive a regular newsletter regarding different offers, a dedicated support team for the publisher, and shareable links and banners.

URL: PetSafe.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Petmate.com

Petmate Affiliate Page

Petmate is a company associated with pet products for cats, dogs, birds, and small pets. It sells cat products such as collars & leashes, cat beds, grooming supplies, kennels & carriers, toys, litter boxes, etc. From Petmate, you can also buy all types of replacement parts for kennels, litter boxes, shelter, and other accessories.

ShareASale is the official affiliate network partner of Petmate, where they have created their affiliate program. Hence, you can apply for the Petmate program through ShareASale using the link.

Petmate affiliates earn a 10% compensation on sales your clients make.

Petmate offers two types of affiliate programs: Websites and influencers. Either way, the commission is the same for both, but some provisions have little difference.

Operate a website featuring pet products. You may get benefits such as a chance to win increased Revenue for features and the privilege of using frequently featured products and promotions on your site.

Meanwhile, suppose you are an influencer making pet content with a solid following. In that case, you may get an opportunity to review product samples in addition to creative banners and educational resources to help you sell.

URL: Petmate.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Litter-Robot.com

Litter-robot Affiliate Page

Litter Robot might be your best accessory if you are tired of scooping your cat’s litter. It operates a business related to self-cleaning cat litter robots. It can make your life and your cat easier by removing the burden of scooping. Similarly, this robot has other features like odor control, pet monitoring, and multi-cat friendliness.

Litter-Robot uses Ascendpartner as their affiliate networking partner, and they have hosted three types of programs for people with different professions.

These are Brand influencers, Affiliate influencers, and Referral Programs. Several catalogs have been presented regarding your profession from where you can choose and apply for the best program that fits you.

Litter Robot affiliates earn an 8% compensation on purchases their customers make. With an average order value of over $550, it is pretty sure that every publisher can make a good profit.

Likewise, your followers who purchase through your referral link may also get $50 off, making it a win-win for every party. You will also receive a sales dashboard to track your sales and Revenue.

URL: Litter-Robot.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 8% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 90 days

4. Pullnscoop.com

Pullnscoop Affiliate Page

Pullnscoop is an online business that sells non-scoop cat litter boxes. This box can help you clean waste in just 3 seconds. Pullnscoop also supplies accessories such as a grooming machine, nanoclean cat litter, frog pet bed, etc.

Bixgrow is Pullnscoop’s official affiliate network partner. You can join its program by clicking the given link.

By advertising its program in your domain, you can make web traffic work to earn a 10% charge on all sales. Your followers will also get a $20 discount if they purchase from your referral link.

This program is best for publishers, influencers, content creators, individuals, and brands with a substantial online following and colossal web traffic and who want to advertise Pullnscoop for high commissions and conversion rates.

The average order value of Pullnscoop is over $200. So, a 10% charge becomes a massive chunk of money after purchase, which you can track via the sales dashboard provided by Bixgrow.

URL: Pullnscoop.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Catiospaces.com

Catiospaces Affiliate page

Cats are likely to be outdoor animals; they do not prefer to stay inside for too long, but you also do not want to lose them outside, right? Let me tell you: Catiospaces solves this issue for you; they build large, in-house outdoor cat enclosures to keep your cat safe, happy, and healthy. You can also hire carpenters and show them Catiospaces plans to make them for you.

Catiospaces runs an animal welfare affiliate program to help cats, birds, and wildlife stay safe.

Being a part of its affiliate program, you may get a 10% compensation on every sale generated through your link. You’ll also be provided with free blogs, social media posts, catalog photos, and videos to assist you each month in boosting your sales and generating more Revenue quickly.

If you operate or belong to an animal welfare organization that helps domesticated or wildlife animals or are a bird or cat advocate, this program is best for you.

URL: Catiospaces.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: N/A

6. Chewy.com

Chewy Affiliate Page

Chewy is an online retailer that sells products and accessories related to cats, dogs, horses, birds, fishes, reptiles, and other small pets. You can separately filter for cats and buy products that include pharmaceutical medicine, toys, food, clothing, ornaments, holiday gift boxes, sweaters, and many more. You could even order custom personalized gifts for your fellow kitten.

Chewy uses Partnerize as its affiliate partner network, where you can join its program. Partnerize offers an innovative reporting interface to track and analyze the real-time performance of your sales, links, orders, etc.

From both new and existing customer orders that you can refer, you might earn a 4% revenue on every purchase made. A dedicated in-house affiliate team will support and answer your queries throughout the journey.

You can choose from more than 2000 brands that feature popular pet supplies and list some of them in your niche or domain to share with your communities and followers. Chewy will also send you a newsletter regularly about opportunities, trends, and insights to boost your sales.

URL: Chewy.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 4% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 15 days

7. Petco.com

Petco Affiliate Page

Petco is also an online and in-store business that deals with pet supplies, food, and other commodities. It caters products for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, etc. You can filter by pet type to cat and purchase Wares such as cat food pacts, treats, litter accessories, toys, cat furniture & scratchers, beds & bowls, and so on. 

Petco also offers other pet services, which you can book, including grooming, positive training, vet hospital visits, and vaccination, known as vetco.

Impact provides an affiliate network program to Petco, which you can visit from the link below to apply and join. As you know, a premium reporting interface will be available to monitor your clicks, Revenue, and sales.

As a Petco affiliate, you will be making a 2% profit on orders made by your visitors. As mentioned above, you can promote various pet food, services, and supplies on your site and earn cash on every valid sale. You might also get Petco promotions and new ways to increase sales through a regular newsletter.

URL: Petco.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 2% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 7 days

8. 1800petmeds.com

1800petmeds Affiliate Page

1800petmeds is an online medical store for pets. From there, you can shop for medicine and other commodities by filtering pets, food, brands, and your pet’s health. Your fellow cat could catch many diseases related to dental, eye, allergy, hormonal, bone & joints, heart, blood, urinary, etc. Hence, you must buy medicinal foods according to disease, including dry & wet foods, veterinary diets, and treats.

1800petmeds uses Ascend as its affiliate network partner to host its program. 

By advertising 1800petmeds in your niche, you can make up to 10% of Revenue on every product your clients purchase.

You may earn $10 for every new customer that buys their product and service. To elevate income, you can also benefit from links, banners, and high-converting images related to pet care, health, and nutrition.

Similarly, You can get insights on trending bestseller products and the latest promotions through their consistent affiliate newsletters. If you have any questions, contact their allocated affiliate manager, who is available 24/7 at affiliates@petmeds.com.

URL: 1800petmeds.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 10 days

9. Etsy.com

Etsy Affiliate Page

In New York, USA, Etsy is an American e-commerce business where people make, buy, sell, and collect vintage or handmade items and handicrafts. These craft supplies fall under various categories, including ornaments, wearings, toys, arts, bags, home decor, furniture, electronics, and gifts. It is a perfect marketplace for those who want to sell their skills by showcasing ancestral vintage items over 20 years old.

Etsy has selected Awin as its affiliate network partner, where publishers can sign up and track their sales and Revenue in real time.

Etsy offers its affiliates a 4% compensation on purchases made by your followers. Publishers might also get access to and insights into native ads, which can boost your website’s content. This program is best for bloggers, media, and editorial publications.

If you are a social media content creator, don’t worry; Etsy also grants another program for those professionals, Creators Co.

Either way, all these programs provide access to unique Etsy content, trend reports, competitions, and more to enhance your sales.

URL: Etsy.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 4% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Amazon.com

Amazon Affiliate Page

Who doesn’t know Amazon nowadays? If you think of online shopping, you think of Amazon mostly, right? It started as an online bookstore and is now the global leader in e-commerce shopping. It has become a multinational high-tech company investing in digital streaming, cloud computing, online advertising, and Artificial intelligence. In the same way, a wide variety of cat products and accessories are also available on Amazon, which consumers buy every day.

Amazon hosts its affiliate program, Amazon Associates, where publishers may earn up to 10% in associate commissions from valid programs and purchases.

From bloggers and publishers to content creators and social media influencers, everyone can monetize their traffic with this associate program.

These professionals earn thousands of dollars by sharing several products from millions that they use daily with their audience. Amazon’s competitive conversion rates also help them to maximize their earning capacity.

URL: Amazon.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

11. Prettylitter.com

Prettylitter Affiliate Page

Based in Los Angeles, PrettyLitter is an American pet fitness business that produces lightweight, crystal-based, non-clumping litter. Its product’s benefits and features are that it helpstrap foul odors by absorbing moisture and monitors your cat’s health. It claims that it can indicate the well-being of your cat by changing the color according to blood and pH levels.

PrettyLitter uses Impact as its affiliate network associate. You can join its affiliate program via Impact by clicking the link below.

As a PrettyLitter associate, you could earn up to 12% commission on a single sale. Likewise, you can gain over $270 per month, even with only one trade per day, which will be paid ten days after the end of the month.

To enhance your marketing, you may get brand creatives such as images, emails, text links, coupons, and more. You can advertise this brand to your audience on newsletters, blogs, websites, and search landing pages. Their system will automatically track referrals you make and compensate you directly into your bank account.

URL: Prettylitter.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 12% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. Farmfreshpet.com

Farmfreshpet Affiliate Page

Farmfreshpet is a pet wellness company that provides fresh pet foods. From there, consumers can buy a raw and new dog and cat foods, natural treats, and freeze-dried food.

Fresh, natural food establishes your pet’s well-being, so you must not hesitate to invest in their health. To make your cat healthier, you can acquire raw meat and vegetables such as raw chicken, beef, turkey blend, and duck blend.

You can help them improve the health of more pets by joining their affiliate program and sharing good words about them with your communities and people related to the pet niche.

Although the amount of compensation that affiliates could earn has not yet been disclosed, you can email them at Sales@FarmFreshPet.com, and they’ll send your unique referral link to share with other details.

URL: Farmfreshpet.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

13. Barfworld.com

Barfworld Affiliate Page

BARF, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, deals with various diets for dogs and cats. Its diet foods are perfectly balanced and a proper blend of bone-connector tissue, muscle meat, organs, veggies, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. You can provide the best diets for your cat by filtering from the catalog of allergies, cancer, digestion, immune, weight, and skeletal health.

Barfworld also provides various guides on raw vs. cooked food for your pets, grain-free dog food, and foods to avoid for puppies, pregnant, and old-age pets so that they can live a healthy lives.

The commission for affiliates is not currently disclosed; nonetheless, you can apply for this program by filling in your name, phone number, and email in the link below.

This program is best for professionals who are in the field of veterinary, breeding, grooming, training, and others.

URL: Barfworld.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

14. Hepper.com

Hepper Affiliate Page

Hepper is all related to products and luxury commodities that cats love to use. It sells various categories of items, from cat beds, bowls, toys, scratchers, and other utilities. Customers can purchase the handicrafts they need from the collection of high-end cat furniture.

 Hepper also operates a blog where it tells about your pets and ways to adjust with them in day-to-day life. You can join their blogs to get to know your pet better.

Hepper runs its affiliate program, in which you can fill out the form from the given link to become an affiliate and integrate the unique link to your newsletter, blogs, or websites.

With an average order value of over $60, Hepper offers its affiliates a 12% starting compensation on every product your consumer purchases. 

You’ll be eligible for higher payouts if you prove you can bring a high amount of sales. You might also get their experienced in-house affiliate team, which is dedicated to advising you and helping you generate more Revenue and sales. 

URL: Hepper.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 12% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Twocrazycatladies.com

Twocrazycatladies Affiliate Page

The Two crazy cat ladies is a natural medicinal product provider designed to help cats live healthier lives. Their products are made with the help of animal health experts, herbalists, veterinarians, and professional holistic pet coaches so that you can treat your cat’s disease using their medicine without worrying about any side effects.

The Two crazy cat ladies also have a feature of a cat symptom checker where you can diagnose your cat’s diseases related to respiratory, digestive, dental, skin, urinary, and joints. For other issues and advice, you can also check out their blogs.

This program is especially beneficial for cat health advocates, so if you are connected to that profession, you can apply to be their affiliate by filling out the form from the link below. 

Once you refer a customer to their site and purchase a product through your referral link, you will get a specific commission paid via PayPal. 

URL: Twocrazycatladies.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

16. Holistapet.com

Holistapet Affiliate Page

Holistapet is an online retailer of cannabidiol(CBD) products and a pet vitality company that helps pets live their lives enthusiastically. Holistapet mainly serves all types of products for dogs, cats, and horses, from head to toe. It sells products and supplements such as oils, soft & hard chews, capsules, and dental services. 

Similarly, from Holistapet, you can also buy some accessories that include poop bags, leashes, collars, harnesses, and toys for your cat. Buyers can choose a category according to their cat’s hygiene, calm, mobility, and wellness.

The Impact is the official affiliate network associate of Holistapet. After completing the registration form from Impact, you might get sharable links and banners you can integrate into your blogs, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages.

As a beginner affiliate of Holistapet, your earnings will start from a 15% commission on orders received from your clients. After a detailed performance evaluation, you may gain up to 15% in compensation.

The average order value of Holistapet consumers is over $200 since 35% of $200 is $70; you can earn up to $70 in a single order received from your referral link.

URL: Holistapet.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 15% to 35% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. Tuftandpaw.com

Tuftandpaw Affiliate Page

Tuft and Paw is an online retailer of the latest cat furniture and cat litter. Tuft and Paw customers regularly buy products and commodities for their fellow pet cats, such as cove litter boxes, Cloud Nine hammocks, zip scratching posts, kip cat beds, grove cat trees, Floof blankets, puff and steller cat beds, etc. 

Tuft and Paw has partnered with ShareASale to host their affiliate program. You can sign up to be its associate by clicking the link below.

Tuft and Paw pay their affiliates a 12% compensation on all sales, one of the best payouts in the industry. 

After joining, you will have access to links, banners, high-quality images, and logos to boost your earnings and yours. You can use them in your blogs, websites, or any social media domain with more followers. Likewise, you could also track and monitor your sales from the advanced dashboard provided by ShareASale.

URL: Tuftandpaw.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 12% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 60 days

18. Shoplivepeefree.com

Shoplivepeefree Affiliate Page

If you are irritated by the foul smell of your pet’s urine, Live Pee Free might be your best solution. It manufactures liquid products that naturally eliminate odors on contact without fragrances, enzymes, hydrogen peroxide, or detergents. 

It claims its liquid odor technology is non-GMO, FDA food grade, natural, organic, green, and completely safe for pets and kids. It also offers a cat combo that includes indoor and outdoor solutions, 3-step kits, and multi-family bundles to eliminate stubborn odors on mattresses, couches, baseboards, and rugs.

It uses ShareASale to host its affiliate program. So, you can sign up via ShareASale to apply for its program. As an affiliate of Live Pee Free, you can earn up to 30% compensation on all sales made via your referral links.

You can share your link with pet lovers, friends, and families who do not want any foul urine smell in their houses. You can also integrate your referral link into your niche in blogs and websites.

URL: Shoplivepeefree.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 30% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 90 days

19. Vet Shop

Vetshop Home Page

As the name says, Vet Shop is an online retail store of veterinary medicinal products for all types of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and other small pets. It consists of the warehouse of A to Z vet products that your cat needs when it suffers from any disease.

It offers various cat supplies and artifacts, such as cat collars, toys & accessories, dry cat foods, cans & pouches, litter & trays, treats, dental care, joint care, skin care, digestion, and more.

Vet Shop also uses ShareASale as its affiliate network partner. After being an affiliate of Vet Shop, you will make a 10% profit on every medicine purchased by visitors who came from your referral link. Every sale will be tracked from the platform provided by ShareASale itself.

Hence, you can refer to more pet parents if you operate a pet pharmacy. It would be easy to convince your clients to buy from your link because people need professional validation to make any plan in their lives.

URL: Vet Shop Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% Revenue

Cookie Duration: N/A

20. GreaterGood.com

Greatergood Affiliate Page

GreaterGood is a charitable organization that funds food for hungry animals & humans, education, healthcare, the planet, and other essential causes. Since 1999, GreaterGood has donated more than 80 million dollars to charities around the world. 

Though it is not a dedicated cat niche brand, You can also participate in their charitable program or donate money through GreaterGood by buying its best-selling gifts, unique ornaments, apparel, and many more to protect your cats. You indirectly support the planet, people, and pets with every purchased item.

GreaterGood uses CJ, its affiliate network partner, to host its affiliate program. Sign up using the link below and monitor your sales through advance CJ’s dashboard.

With an average order value of over $40, GreaterGood pays its affiliates up to 8% compensation on every purchase. You may also earn an extra $4.27 per click and high conversion rates. Similarly, you might also get a dedicated affiliate manager to solve your problems and queries.

Reports show that 55% of repeat customers have a loyal following, automatically making you a recurring income. Additionally, premium affiliates might also get access to vanity codes, promotions, and unique coupons. 

URL: GreaterGood.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 2% to 8% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 45 days

21. InnovetPet.com

Innovetpet Affiliate Page

Founded in 2005, InnovetPet manufactures and develops pet wellness products mainly focused on natural solutions for cats and dogs. They primarily sell CBD oil products for pets, including other products such as treats, conditioners, and supplements. Research has proved that CBD oils can treat many conditions in pets, i.e., skin and coat health, anxiety, digestive issues, and arthritis.

InnovetPet also offers a feature called CBD dosage calculator for pets. You can efficiently operate this calculator by selecting your pet species, typing their weight, and analyzing the dosage strength.

InnovetPet has chosen Awin as its affiliate network partner, so that you can apply through Awin from the link. Awin monitors real-time tracking of your sales and Revenue.

The consumers of Innovetpet have an average order value of around $60, so, being its affiliate, you might earn a starting commission of 20%, which implies that you may make about $24 compensation on each sale. Likewise, high-performer affiliates can also be eligible for a higher payout.

Once you apply, you will get access to particular links and banners for your newsletter and website, along with a dedicated affiliate team to help you throughout the journey of advertising Innovetpet’s products.

URL: InnovetPet.com Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 20% to 40% Revenue

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Humans began domesticating cats from 12000 years ago. Since then, our unique relationship with cats has increased as we treat them and other pets like our family members.  

These pets have become our closest companions with whom we spend the most time, so people nowadays want to give their pets every kind of luxury and good treatment so that those animals can live their best lives. 

Pet care products, toys, and other assets are persistently sold daily. Moreover, companies are making vast amounts of profit from these markets, and so you can by being part of their affiliate program. No matter your profession, you can easily apply for them and advocate your referral link to the people and communities of your domain who are immense cat lovers.

Last but not least, if you have any doubt regarding the affiliate program of any of the above brands or companies, you can contact them via Gmail or the social platform they are available on.

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