14 Best Affiliate Programs for Podcasts: (The Ultimate List)

Well, I understand what it takes to bring those amazing podcasts that audiences love to listen to. It’s actually not just time, effort, and plan to produce content that resonates with your audiences. It’s also about a good financial investment that is required to sustain podcasts for the long term.

If you are a podcaster looking for ways to monetize your podcast, then I’ve got something for you in this blog. Guess what? It’s none other than some of the best affiliate programs for podcasts. But why? It’s simply because affiliate programs are the best alternatives to monetize your content.

So, are you ready to learn how to make some money from your podcast to take it to the long run? Let’s begin,

1. BuzzSprout

Buzzsprout best affiliate programs for podcasts

BuzzSprout is a popular podcast-hosting platform that helps podcasters with hosting, promoting, and tracking their podcast. The cloud-based podcast hosting solution allows businesses and individuals to create and publish podcasts across various streaming platforms. It offers both free and paid podcast hosting services.

BuzzSprout runs an affiliate program enabling publishers and creators to earn commissions to promote its offering. To become an affiliate of BuzzSprout, you will need to sign up for a Buzzsprout account, and then you will have access to your referral code, which can be used to refer people to BuzzSprout.

As a BuzzSprout affiliate, you’ll be earning a commission of $20  for every paid account you refer to BuzzSprout. So, for every paying customer referral to BuzzSprout, you’ll be rewarded with an incentive. However, your referral needs to pay for the first two months before you receive a commission.

URL: BuzzSprout Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: $20 for every paid account referral 

Cookie Duration: Lifetime 

2. Riverside.FM

riverside.fm podcast program

If you are a podcast creator, I’m pretty sure that you have heard of Riverside. Fm. Riverside. FM provides an easy solution to podcasters for recording high-quality podcasts and videos from anywhere. It is an all-in-one podcast and video platform ideal for podcasters, media companies, and online content creators.

Riverside. fm has an affiliate scheme that allows publishers, creators as well as podcasters to earn monetary rewards by promoting their offerings. The affiliate program is free to join. You’ll first need to sign up for the program; then, you can retrieve your personal referral link that can be shared with your audience to earn commission.

The commission rate, along with the cookie duration, is what makes Riverside. FM’s affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for podcasts. It offers a commission of 20% on sales that are generated through your referrals with no minimum payouts. 

URL: Riverside.fm Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 20% on sales generated 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

3. Audible 

audible podcast affiliate program

Audible is an Amazon-owned American online audiobook and podcast service company that offers audiences the option to purchase and stream audiobooks. The platform has an extensive collection of audiobooks along with podcasts. The revenue model of the business runs on a subscription model.

Audible has a creator program that allows bloggers and website owners to promote Audible products and earn referral bonuses. You’ll first need to join the Amazon associates program to join the audible creator program. You must encourage the Audible 30-day free trial scheme as an affiliate and direct your listeners to sign up through your custom URL.

Being an Audible affiliate is quite beneficial for affiliates as well as your listeners. This is because every time any of your referrals sign up through your link, they’ll receive an audiobook, and you’ll receive a commission of 15%. However, the minimum threshold to get paid is $30 per month.

URL: Audible Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 15% on new sign-up

Cookie Duration: 24 Hours 

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates affiliate program

Amazon is an American multinational company founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It is considered one of the big five American technology companies headquartered in Seattle and Arlington, U.S.A. As a technology business provider, its range of offerings includes e-commerce, cloud computing, digital advertising as well as artificial intelligence.

There’s no way the technology giant has no affiliate program to promote its vast number of products and solutions. Amazon, through its affiliate program, which is one of the most extensive affiliate marketing programs, helps content creators, publishers, and blog site owners monetize their traffic. 

By recommending Amazon products and services to your listeners through your podcasts, you can gain a reward of up to 10% as an associate commission. It has customized linking tools to help publishers promote and earn through their content.

URL: Amazon Associate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% as an associate commission 

Cookie Duration: 24 Hours 

5. BarkBox 

barkbox best affiliate programs for podcasts

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service provider company that offers dog products, services as well as experiences. The establishment serves high-quality dog products right at the doorstep of the subscribers and serves over two million dogs monthly through its subscriptions and retail distribution.

There’s no reason to get confused about BarkBox being on our list of best podcast affiliate programs. This is because you might have listeners who have dogs, and you can relate to them by promoting BarkBox products through your podcast episode. The BarkBox affiliate scheme allows creators to get rewards for promoting Bark products.

The commission BarBox offers to affiliates is quite generous, though. While the rate differs on the product promoted, affiliates can earn a commission of $18 per BarkBox sign-up by your referrals. The commission goes up to $20 for Super Chewer and Bark Bright Dental and $10 for the sale of Bark Food.

URL: BarkBox Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: Ranges from $10 to $20 based on product

Cookie Duration: 7 Days 

6. Skillshare

skillshare best affiliate program for podcast

Skillshare is an online learning community for creators headquartered in New York, U.S.A. Through the learning community, the company aims to make learning easier as anyone interested in learning new skills can learn by taking online classes, watching videos, and even teaching by themselves. 

The affiliate scheme of Skillshare allows creators, publishers, and influencers with social media following to earn a bonus by marketing Skillshare’s offerings. As a podcaster, you can promote the courses in Skillshare that are related to helping aspiring podcasters create podcasts. To join the affiliate network, you’ll need to have a free Skillshare account and an Impact account.

Skillshare offers generous commissions of 40% up to $67 for every new listener who is referred to Skillshare and is confused about how Skillshare tracks your referrals. Skillshare provides a unique tracking link with which it follows all of the referrals. 

URL: Skillshare Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 40% up to $67 for every new listener referred to Skillshare

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

7. Fiverr

fiverr affiliate program

If you have ever thought about freelancing, I’m sure that you have gone through Fiverr. Fiverr is an Israeli multinational online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers. Founded in 2010, the platform has freelancers that offer digital services in over 500 categories and is a leading firm in the freelancing industry.

Fiver Affiliates, the affiliate program of Fiverr, allows publishers as well as creators with social media following to send traffic to Fiverr and make commissions. Getting started as a Fiverr affiliate program is simple. You’ll need to sign up for the program, which will require some of your information, such as name and email, and then promote Fiverr through your content. Fiverr will be providing rewards.

The reason why Fiverr is on our compilation of the best affiliate programs for podcasts is because of the diversity it offers. The commission for promoting four of its products is 25%+10% for Fiverr,70%+10% for Fiverr Pro, 30%+10% for Fiverr Logo Maker, and 10% for Fiver affiliates.

URL: Fiverr Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: Depends upon the products promoted 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

8. ExpressVPN

express vpn affiliate program

Owned by Kape Technologies and with over 4 million users worldwide, ExpressVPN is a leading VPN service provider in the market. ExpressVPN offers privacy and security software that makes it easier for users to encrypt their web traffic and mask their IP address. The service provider uses a subscription model to generate revenue.

As a podcaster, you can promote ExpressVPN to your listeners and receive a commission, as it also has an affiliate program. Intending to help affiliates with sales, ExpressVPN has dedicated affiliate managers who always support affiliates. The program is free to join and involves only a few steps.

ExpressVPN provides one of the highest affiliate rewards in the VPN industry, which is $36 for every sale made through your affiliate link. The best thing about the affiliate program is that there is no minimum and fast payout.

URL: ExpressVPN Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 36% for every sale made 

Cookie Duration: 90 Days 

9. Squarespace

squarespace best affiliate program for podcast

Squarespace is an American website-building and hosting solution provider headquartered in New York. With its all-in-one solution, Squarespace allows users to create a customizable website or even an online store. As a leading DIY website builder, it helps users build a digital presence easily and quickly through websites.

If your podcast is based on a tech niche and your audience is business owners and entrepreneurs, then the affiliate program of Squarespace is for you. Squarespace rewards affiliates for promoting its products to their audiences. Squarespace provides affiliates with access to creatives, consistent communication, and a transparent payout.

Squarespace rewards affiliates with a massive payout of up to 30% for every referral sent across the platform. Do not forget that the commission is on recurring models, so you’ll receive a commission as long as your referral keeps paying to the platform.

URL: Squarespace Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: Up to 30% for every referral 

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

10. Alitu

alitu affiliate program

There are high chances of finding Alitu when searching for podcast-making apps. Alitu is a podcast-making web app that makes it easy for anyone to create a podcast. It makes your podcast creation process super easy by doing audio cleanup, adding music, and fades. It also offers unique and fast editing tools. 

Alitu has an affiliate program that provides an opportunity for publishers and content creators to make a commission. As a podcaster, your audience might be listeners who want to start their podcast. So, as an affiliate of Alitu, directing your listeners towards the platform will give you a reward bonus. 

As an affiliate of Alitu, you can earn a recurring commission of 20% per subscription. This means that you can earn 20% for each podcaster who signs up and uses Atilu using your referral link. So, in general, referring 25 paying customers to Alitu will make a reward of around $140.

URL: Alitu Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: Recurring commission of 20% per subscription

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

11. Apple 

apple best affiliate program for podcast

I don’t think I will need to say anything about Apple as they have branded their product worldwide in a manner that everyone knows well about them. The American multinational entity is the world’s largest enterprise in terms of market capitalization. It was founded in 1976 and has headquarters in California. 

Apple, with its Apple Services Performance Partners Program, helps creators and publishers to generate passive income by marketing their products and services. The range of products for promotion includes Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple News. Affiliates can sell these multiple products through podcasts and earn a referral income. 

With a lucrative commission of 7% to 400% in the sale of their digital product, there is no chance that we will miss the affiliate setup in our list of best affiliate programs for podcasts. You’ll be getting several resources to promote as an affiliate. 

URL: Apple Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 7% to 400% per sale 

Cookie Duration: 1-30 Days 

12. Babbel

babbel best affiliate program for podcast

Babbel is a German subscription-based e-learning platform that offers language learning that was launched in 2007. The comprehensive learning system provides a new way to learn a foreign language. The platform offers 14 languages ranging from German to Dutch.

Babbel, to make learning a new language accessible to everyone, has its Partner Program, letting publishers advertise its offerings. The partner provides publishers with the opportunity to spread Babbel’s learning products throughout the world and earn a commission at the same time.

As a podcaster, you can promote the learning products Babbel offers listeners in your podcast episode. This provides a chance to earn a referral reward of up to 75 Euros for every sale of Babbel app subscriptions. It also has special rates for Babble Live, which are 80 Euros for each sale of a live subscription.

URL: Babbel Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 75 Euros for every sale of Babbel app subscriptions

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

13. Nootropics Depot

nootropics depot affiliate program

Started in 2013, Nootropics Depot is a leading online retailer of nootropics and dietary supplements. It claims to sell the best nootropic powders and capsules in terms of quality and purity. Nootropics Depot offers high-quality supplements that include powders, liquids, and lab-tested tablets for purity and potency.

If your podcasting niche is based on fitness and nutrition, then there’s no way to miss the chance to monetize your podcast with the affiliate program of Nootropics Depot. The affiliate scheme of Nootropics Depot is absolutely free to join and provides ready-to-use marketing materials. You’ll need to apply for the program simply, and your application can take around 48 hours to be reviewed. 

Nootropics Depot provides an industry-competitive commission of 15% base commission. Besides that, it also has periodic commissions and several supplemental products for promotion. However, you’ll need to have a PayPal account to receive commission.

URL: Nootropics Depot Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 15% base commission on product sale 

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

14. Legacy Food Storage

legacy food storage best affiliate program for podcast

Legacy Food Storage is the last on our lineup of best affiliate programs for podcasts. It offers a complete line of freeze-dried food storage products. It is the operator of a packaged food brand that intends to supply food during times of social and natural emergency of need. 

While it might be surprising that the Legacy Food Storage affiliate program is in our collection. Several podcasters have already promoted it on their podcast. This is because of the sales metrics of the brand and the payout it offers.

As an affiliate of Legacy Food Storage, affiliates can earn a commission of 10% on every sale, which can go up to 15%. Legacy Food Storage runs an affiliate program through ShareASale.

URL: Legacy Food Storage Affiliate Program 

Commission Rate: 10% on every sale, and this can go up to 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days


There’s no doubt that you’ll need passion and interest to produce podcasts consistently. In addition, one thing that matters to sustain your podcast for the long run and follow your passion in life is finding ways to monetize it and make it one of the revenue-generating assets.

Whether you have just started producing podcasts or it’s been a while and have published several, we’re sure that this curated list of the best affiliate programs for podcasts will help monetize your podcast. 

Different affiliate programs of other companies have their unique requirements and specific criteria for their affiliate programs. So make sure to visit and check the official sites of each affiliate program and find which one best suits your podcast content to maximize your affiliate earnings.

We hope you’ll be able to follow your passion for podcasting and make some extra income by monetizing your content.

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