Top 20 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs (The Ultimate List)

As humans, we are all concerned with our health and try our best to stay in good physical condition. Nowadays people are looking for supplements to support their health.

If you are overwhelmed searching for the best product that matches perfectly with your health-conscious audience then don’t worry, you are at the right place.

Here, we have prepared the top 20 best supplement affiliate programs in 2024 to help you find a suitable product for your niche and audience.

1. Rootine

Rootine affiliation

Rootine is a leading brand that offers science-driven personalized vitamin packs and supplements customized according to your individual needs.

They employ various information about the person including lifestyle, medications, health goals, nutrient level, and deficiency to recommend vitamin packs and supplements that fit perfectly with individual needs.

As it provides tailored products, its affiliate program is appealing to content creators as well as businesses that focus on health and wellness.

From affiliate commissions to discounts and gifts, Rootine comes with a lot of benefits. Affiliates can earn commissions on each sale starting from 20% with a 60-day long cookie duration.

An individual can keep track of their health and validate real changes in their health with Rootine’s smart supplements using at-home lab tests or by their wearable like Oura Ring, Apple Watch, Whoop, etc. Because of this your audience will be satisfied which will help you earn more.

The affiliate programs at Rootine are open to hearing suggestions for improvement and suggestions.

URL: Rootine Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Starts from 20%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Seed

Seed affiliation

Seed is an organization that improves the health of humans and the environment by harnessing the potential of the microbiome.

Seed focuses on science-backed probiotics that help in gut health. Every month, Customers receive customized probiotic capsules.

Those who want to become partners must complete the six-unit course from their educational platform SeedUniversity on Instagram. SeedUniversity’s course covers bacteria, the microbiome, human biology, and the science of probiotics.

If you have an audience who wants to improve gut health and trust an evidence-based product can become a partner of Seed.

You can get up to 20% commission on sales through your affiliate link with 30 days of cookie duration.

URL: Seed Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20% on sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Bulk Supplements

Bulk supplements affiliation

Bulk Supplements is a well-known supplier that offers over 500 pure and tested nutritional supplements in different forms.

They offer the bulk of ingredients in the form of capsules, powders, extracts, and many more.

Bulk focuses on individuals who are looking for pure ingredients and are ready to invest time in producing their custom blends.

You get to earn a 15% commission with 90 days of cookie duration if someone clicks on your unique link. Moreover, there is a 2% commission rate for referred bulk sales.

As it is a reputable brand with a wide range of products, you can easily lure your audience into buying the right product which will help you expand your earning.

Additionally, with resources provided by Bulk Supplements like banners, coupon codes, and product data feeds, it will be easy for you to promote it.

URL: Bulk Supplements Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 15% on each sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

4. Onnit

Onnit affiliation

Onnit is a vendor that focuses on enhancing the overall cognitive and physical health of humans by providing proper nutrition, fitness, and supplements.

They provide a broad library of fitness articles, workout guides, podcasts, and videos to cater to the needs of individuals.

If you have an audience looking for a holistic approach to fitness and performance optimization then the Onnit affiliate program is what you need.

As Onnit offers large categories of products, the commission rate depends on the product category within 30 days of cookie duration.

You can easily promote this brand with its marketing materials like product images, banners, text links, and special promotional offers. They also provide support and guidance to their partners to help them promote their brand.

But remember that you need to have more than 5000 social media followers or a well-established website to be their partner.

URL: Onnit Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. eVitamins

eVitamins affiliation

eVitamins is a popular vendor that provides fresh health and beauty products at the lowest price with good service.

A wide range of products like vitamins (powders, capsules, tablets, gummies.), herbal remedies, specialty supplements(weight management, immune support, probiotics, sports nutrition), skin care products, and foods and snacks are offered by eVitamins.

There is no any kind of requirement to become a partner with eVitamins but it will be easy to get started if you have a blog, website, or newsletter.

You will get paid with 20% commission on all sales based on the product. Most of the products have a 12% allowance but some provide commission rates as high as 20%.

They provide 60 days of referral but if you get a promotion then the referral time frame extends.

URL: eVitamins Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: from 12% to 20% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

6. Nutricost

Nutricost affiliation

Nutricost is one of the leading retailers of sports nutrition goods and nutritional supplements.

They provide several choices of high-quality vitamins, minerals, protein powders, fitness supplements, and many more items at affordable costs.

Nutricost offers well-known third-party brands in addition to their own proprietary supplements lines. Due to which customers can select according to their spending limit and preferred brand.

If you are an athlete, world-class trainer, and fitness enthusiast then you can join their affiliate program to sell their high quality product.

With their marketing resources like banners and text links, it will be easy for you to promote Nutricost within their industry. You will get a 6% commission per sale within 30 days of the cookie duration if you become their affiliate.

URL: Nutricost Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

7. MegaFood

Megafood affiliation

MegaFood is a premium supplement brand that emphasizes the value of nutrients and minerals that are fresh from the farm.

They work with reliable farmers who share their commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture because they believe that food produced from healthy soil may improve the health of both humans and the environment.

You can become MegaFood’s affiliate if you have an audience interested in natural farm-fresh ingredients and dietary restrictions, regardless of the country you reside in.

To become their affiliate, you need to create a ShareASale account and sign up. You can search the MegaFood program in the merchant list of ShareASale and apply to become their partner. After you are approved you get your unique link.

You will get access to banners, text links, and product images to promote MegaFood once you are approved.

URL: MegaFood Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. A1Supplements

A1supplements affiliation

A1Supplements is a major online shop that specializes in health, vitamin, and sports supplements.

They offer a wide range of products at low prices, with quick shipping and amazing customer service.

A1Supplements are best when it comes to order accuracy and on-time delivery.

A1Supplements are loved by people who have physique-related goals, athletes, and health and price-conscious consumers. So, you can be their partner if you have followers interested in health-related goals.

For content referrals on any products, you will get paid with a 6% commission. They provide high discounts on their products due to which they have the highest order amount. This ensures that you will get profit while your clients purchase and save money from discounts.

Moreover, you can use their banners, text links, product information, and images to promote their brand so that you can easily earn commission.

URL: A1 Supplements Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 6% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Life Extension

Life extension affiliation

Life Extension is a well-known, science-based company that offers innovative supplements, health education, and research that assist in longer better lives.

They provide a wide variety of quality supplements with scientifically validated formulas and purity testing.

Life Extension appeals the consumers who are interested in anti-aging, wellness, and preventive health. If you have followers looking for these things, you can join their affiliate program.

Remember that you must have a website, social media channel, or an email newsletter with sufficient audience reach.

On each sale through your affiliate links, they pay you with 6% commission with 45 days of cookie duration.

You can place your affiliate link on various websites and earn from it. Life Extension provides you with different resources to increase sales from your website resulting in earning commission.

URL: Life Extension Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 6% per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

10. PureFormulas

Pureformulas affiliation

Featuring quality supplements for pets, kids, men, and women, Pure Formulas is a one-stop store for everything related to health and wellness.

PureFormulas offers a vast selection of products including vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, specialty supplements, natural beauty, personal care, and healthy food options with excellent customer service.

This program is of great opportunity for anyone in the supplement niche. If you are a website owner, blogger, and influencer who wants to make a profit from content, its affiliate program is worth considering.

With various marketing resources along with a dedicated affiliate manager, you can make money from your affiliate link and earn a commission of about 4% per sale within 30 days of cookie duration, paving the way for a profitable future.

You can analyze your performance and strategize for the future, bridging the gap between past success and future growth.

URL: PureFormulas Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 4% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Persona Nutrition

Persona nutrition affiliation

Persona Nutrition is a company that provides tailored daily vitamin plans according to your diet, lifestyle, and health goals. They also offer ready-made daily packs designed by dietitians.

They use science and research to recommend medication with high-quality ingredients. You can also have access to nutritionists for further guidance and questions according to your subscription level.

You can become Persona Nutrition’s partner without any hassle if you are a reviewer having followers who is looking for personalized support and guidance from an expert to fulfill their healthy lifestyle goal, ultimately leading to a happy and healthy life.

You just have to fill up their affiliate form and wait for their approval to become their affiliate. After you are approved you will get $25 per each subscription. If you are a social media influencer, you can also get exclusive discounts and get to try their new products.


Commission Rate: $25 per subscription

Cookie Duration: Not listed

12. Performance Lab

Performance lab affiliation

Performance Lab is a popular brand that focuses on clean performance nutrition with high-quality ingredients, science-backed formulas, and few or no additives or fillers.

Performance Lab provides a well-chosen range of dietary supplements including formulas to boost energy, focus, and endurance, recovery aids, and cognitive enhancers.

You can simply fill up their affiliate form to become their partner and give yourself an opportunity to earn a commission each time your audience clicks on your affiliate link and purchases Performance Lab’s products.

Enjoy the benefits of the highest EPC (Earning per click) and large rates of reorders by becoming their partner. The most experienced affiliates will also be able to receive Lion’s Share.

You get paid with a 30% commission from your sales and sales from the affiliates that you recruited.

URL: Performance Lab Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 30% per sale

Cookie Duration: 365 days

13. Amazon Associates

Amazon associates affiliation

Amazon is a huge online retailer that includes millions of products in different categories including fashion, house and kitchen, health and beauty, outdoors and sports, and many more.

Amazon also offers a large number of supplements such as protein powders, vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition products, and herbal remedies from different brands in a variety of categories.

Publishers, bloggers, and content creators with qualifying websites can join its affiliate program. By sharing your honest review about the product on your platform, you can successfully become their affiliates.

Affiliates can easily make money on qualifying purchases and programs by directing their audience to buy Amazon’s products using their affiliate link with the aid of the Amazon Associates program.

If you become their affiliate, you will receive averaging commissions of up to 10% on qualifying purchases and programs.

URL: Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not listed

14. Thrive Market

Thrive market affiliation

Thrive Market is a brand that focuses on making healthy, organic, and sustainable products accessible and affordable for everyone.

They provide various products like organic groceries, pantry staples, non-toxic home and cleaning supplies, natural beauty, and personal care products as well as supplements and wellness items at wholesale prices.

You can collaborate with them no matter if you have a small or big fan base. But it will be good for you if you have a well-established following or community. You will get a reward every time you refer a member through your link.

You can earn $30 on your PayPal account for both new memberships to Thrive Market and sales made by your referred audiences within 14 days of cookie duration.

Thrive Market employs popular partner networks like Rakuten Marketing, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate.

URL: Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $30 per sale

Cookie Duration: 14 days

15. Care/of

Care / of affiliation

Care/of is a subscription-based individualized vitamin and supplement service that provides tested and quality ingredients with no filler.

Customers complete a questionnaire about their health, lifestyle, and goals according to which customized vitamins and supplements are recommended to them.

The Supplement affiliate program from Care/of offers a respectable 2% basic revenue income. However, it increases from 10% to 25% within 30 days of cookie duration.

How to drive successful referrals? Dont worry! They provide tons of marketing resources including creative banners, and text links or you can make your custom link to attract an audience. You will also get promotions and private commissions by becoming their affiliate.

URL: Care/of Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 2% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. NOW Foods

Now foods affiliation

NOW Foods is a vast and admired manufacturer that furnishes natural health products, including essential oils, supplements, vitamins, and many other wellness items.

Their products are mostly sold on their website, through internet retailers, and in other health food stores.

Anyone who has used NOW products and had a good experience with them can set their path to join the NOW Ambassador Program. But you have to be a current resident of the United States and older than 21 years.

You can become their affiliate and promote their products by posting product pics to social channels. This is how you can effectively engage your audience and drive traffic to their website, increasing your chances of earning commissions.

URL: NOW Foods Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

17. Barlean’s

Barlean's affiliation

Barlean’s is a well-known health and wellness company that specializes in high-quality supplements including fish oil, flaxseed oils, concentrated blends of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich ingredients.

If you are passionate about your health and ready to spread that enthusiasm to others then you can become their affiliate.

However, please keep in mind that you must be older than 18 years and live in the United States. You should also have 1000 or more followers and maintain public social media accounts.

You can earn money from your affiliate links every time your audience clicks on your link and make a purchase. You will be able to earn 10% per sale with 90 days of cookie duration.

URL: Barlean’s Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

18. Garden of Life

Garden of life affiliation

Garden of Life is a popular brand that aims to offer high-quality, whole-food-based dietary supplements that are certified organic, and free of genetically modified organisms (non-GMO). This industry emphasize purity and lack of artificial ingredients.

They provide a vast range of products including probiotics support, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, herbal supplements, and customized formulas for children, men, and women.

With Garden of Life’s affiliate program, influencers, bloggers, and health-conscious websites can promote their goods and earn income.

You get a commission based on the affiliate network and performance. If you become their affiliate you will be able to get a 6% to 13% commission per sale within 30 days of cookie duration.

URL: Garden of Life Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 6% to 13% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

19. Pure Encapsulations

Pure encapsulations affiliation

Pure Encapsulations is a reputable company that provides high-quality scientifically supported nutritional supplements. Their products stand out for their purity and efficacy, setting them apart from other brands.

People who are looking for specialized medical assistance love Pure Encapsulations because of their emphasis on cleanliness and effectiveness.

They offer goods for various needs, including joint health, stress management, digestive support, immune function, cognitive health, and many more.

You can become their affiliate if you have an audience who are seeking non-additive science-backed supplements.

A variety of affiliate schemes are available from Pure Encapsulation that serve various markets and content producers. Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or digital marketer, there’s an opportunity for you to partner with Pure Encapsulation and promote their high-quality products.

One is the Colleague Referral Program where healthcare professionals are eligible to participate. If they recommend coworkers who make a purchase, they will receive credit.

The other one is Pure Ambassadors where content creators, and social media influencers who have many followers on websites, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram can participate. You can share your experience and stories about Pure Encapsulations’s products and receive up to a $100 monthly allowance for the product of Pure Encapsulations.

URL: Pure Encapsulations Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

20. Thorne Research

Thorne research affiliation

Thorne Research is one of the supplement industries that emphasize providing high-quality, pure science-backed ingredients and customized health solutions catering the individual needs.

Their website supports a holistic approach to good health by providing lab testing alternatives as well as educational resources.

They provide an affiliate program which is called the Thorne Ambassadors program. If you have an audience who is conscious about their health and wants wellness strategy including educational resources then you can join the Thorne Ambassadors program.

You can receive a 20% commission or incentive on the first purchase and all future orders made by every new customer you refer through your affiliate link.

You will also get early access to new products and exclusive offers which will help you remain ahead of the curve and create interesting content.

URL: Thorne Research Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not listed


From personalized vitamins to sports nutrition giants, every supplement affiliate program has its targeted audience and niche.

Affiliate programs in the supplement industry are open to hearing feedback from affiliates, allowing for adjustments in commission rates and incentives based on performance and market trends.

I have provided you top 20 best supplement affiliate programs in 2024 that will help you choose the best one that fits you and your audience perfectly.

Remember that you can expand your income by carefully considering your audience’s needs, program features, and eligibility requirements while promoting wellness.

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