14 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs (The Ultimate List)

The demand for credit cards is skyrocketing when it comes to managing monetary transactions and other benefits. It would be a bright thought to generate a lucrative income source by joining one of the best credit card affiliate programs.

These programs offer a mutually beneficial arrangement for credit card companies, consumers, and affiliates. As an affiliate, you can earn a high commission for referring new clients to companies, that grow their revenue.

Meanwhile, consumers can easily find the right service they need with the help of your promotion.

There are tons of platforms offering credit cards and other relevant services. Selecting the one offering the best affiliate marketing opportunity might be time-consuming. Thus, to make your research easier, we bring you a list of the 14 best credit card affiliate programs.

1. Credit Monkey

Credit monkey affiliate program

Credit Monkey is a credit company that helps you find and repair the errors on your report. You can increase your credit score by up to 120 points after signing up for their service. They offer services to all 50 states of the USA.

Since 89% of credit records contain at least minor errors, Credit Monkey helps resolve them by mailing letters pointing out the mistakes. Some include late payments, tax liens, addresses, charge-offs, inquiries, bankruptcies, etc.

Their pricing plans start from $99 per month, but they don’t charge you anything until you mail your first letter. You can create up to five active credit accounts after purchasing any Credit Monkey pricing plan.

You can fund Credit Monkey via multiple payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Credit Monkey guarantees satisfaction from all of their customers. Within six months of enrolling in their service or three cycles of credit disputes, you may ask for a refund if they can’t remove three or fewer mistakes from your report.

ABC News, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Angies List, and several other publications have mentioned Credit Monkey. Besides, they’ve received thousands of positive reviews from customers on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Credit Monkey provides a dedicated affiliate portal to all its affiliates. Within the portal, you get to see the leads on progress, monitor the status of referrals, and track other stats.

When you join Credit Monkey’s affiliate program, they’ll be paying you competitive commissions for referring new clients to this platform. They pay you different commission amounts for contributing sales to various levels of pricing plans.

URL: Credit Monkey Affiliate Program

Commission Rates:

Level of Plan
No. of Monthly Clients
Commission Per Client Contract
Bronze Level
Less than 5
Silver Level
More than 5
Platinum Level
More than 10
Bronze Level X2
Less than 50
Silver Level X2
More than 100
Platinum Level X2
More than 200

2. Bankrate

Bankrate affiliate program

Bankrate is an American consumer monetary service provider helping people make smart decisions regarding finance. They’ve been operating for over four decades and offer various tools and resources that you can use to take control of your finances.

Some of their tools are financial calculators, product comparison tools, and more. You can also read several award-winning editorial content on their platform.

Bankrate features some top credit cards on their platform. They let you securely apply for a Wells Fargo Active Cash Card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, American Express Business Gold Card, and several credit card offers.

You can sort the credit cards based on interest rates, travel rewards, cash back, and several other features. Bankrate features a Credit Card Compare Tool that displays details of up to 3 cards on a side-by-side comparison table.

Besides, Bankrate has other credit card tools as well. Some include the spender-type tool, balance transfer calculator, credit utilization calculator, debt payoff calculator, and credit card minimum payment calculator.

The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, USA Today, ABC News, and several other media brands have mentioned Bankrate.

The Bankrate Credit Card Network lets you join as an affiliate with your online marketing channels, such as your website. They offer one of the top monthly payouts in the industry and also have excellent customer support service.

Bankrate provides a user-friendly tracking and reporting interface to all of its affiliates. They also offer in-site tools, co-brand solutions, data feeds, etc. to help you meet your affiliate marketing goals.

URL: Bankrate Credit Card Affiliate Network

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

3. Barclay Card

Barclay card affiliate program

Barclays Card has a range of credit cards dedicated to various purposes, such as travel, retail, business expenses, entertainment, etc. They’re backed by the transatlantic consumer and wholesale global bank, Barclays.

Some of the credit cards they offer are the Barnes & Noble Mastercard, Athleta Rewards Mastercard, JetBlue Card, Miles & More World Elite Mastercard, Banana Republic Rewards Mastercard, etc.

You can compare up to three cards in Barclay Card’s platform. The comparison table displays reward details, welcome bonuses, interest rates, charges, fees, annual fees, and benefit details.

Apart from credit cards, Barclays Card offers other monetary services as well, including savings, certificates of deposit (CDs), personal loans, etc.

Barclays Card has partnered with 25 top companies in the US market. This partnership helps them deliver diverse consumer and small business credit card programs for several purposes.

With the Barclay Card Affiliate Program, you can start promoting their outstanding card offers and get paid a lot of money. Some of their commissionable cards include the Barclay Card Cash Forward World Mastercard and Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard.

You can enroll in this program via the FlexOffers network. Additionally, Barclay Card lets you add their credit promotional materials, such as text links and banner ads, to your marketing channels.

URL: Barclay Card Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

4. Experian

Experian affiliate program

Experian is a consumer credit reporting company that deals with data to help their customers achieve monetary goals. They have been operating for more than a century and have a customer base of 3.4 million people from across the globe.

The Experian Credit Score and Report displays the summary of your total credit. They check your eligibility rating and find the best deals on credit cards based on your credit data. This approach will help you apply for credit cards with confidence.

Besides, Experian’s Credit Expert tool protects your credit report from fraudsters. This tool helps you understand your score and report and also provides you with personalized tips that’ll help you improve your credit score.

Experian offers a variety of credit cards, such as Zable Credit Card, Virgin Money Slyce – Pay in Installment, Natwest Purchase & Balance Transfer Credit Card, etc. Moreover, their support team is happy to help you with any credit-related issues.

The affiliate program of Experian lets you promote their products and services using the supplied marketing creatives. They encourage publishers, bloggers, and website owners who can generate regular finance content to enroll in the program.

You earn commissions from Experian for each new customer you bring to their platform. They use tracking codes on your affiliate link so they can acknowledge the sales coming from your website.

URL: Experian Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

5. Credit Sesame

Credit sesame affiliate program

Credit Sesame is a fintech company that helps you reach your monetary goals with improved credit. They let you apply for several types of credit cards, such as reward cards, cash-back cards, balance transfer cards, airline & travel cards, etc.

With Credit Sesame, you get a complete picture of your credits and moneylendings in one place. With instant access to your credit score, you can confidently apply for credit cards for which you have outstanding odds of getting approval.

Besides, its Sesame Grade system helps you break down the credit score based on five core impacting factors. This way, you’ll know which aspect requires attention to enhance your overall credit.

The New York Times, HuffPost, Forbes, CNBC, WSJ, and other renowned brands have featured Credit Sesame on their platform. This company has also received an average rating of 4.5 stars from more than 500,000 reviewers.

Credit Sesame lets you join their affiliate program and earn commissions for each new user you refer to their company. Your referred audience doesn’t need to pay for their premium services to trigger your commission.

You get creative banners from Credit Sesame to include on your marketing channels, like your website. Besides, they also feature an extensive cookie referral period that’ll help you maximize conversion.

URL: Credit Sesame Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A


USAA affiliate program

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a monetary service provider based in America. They offer banking, insurance, and retirement solutions to military personnel, veterans, and family members.

The detailed services that USAA offers customers are certificates of deposit, credit cards, auto loans, small business insurance, renters insurance, etc. They support Apply Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and various other payment methods.

USAA has various categories of credit cards on its platform, such as rewards points cards, cashback cards, low-rate cards, and secured cards. Some of their popular cards are the USAA Eagle Navigator Visa Signature Credit Card, USAA Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card, etc.

When you join the USAA’s membership, the knowledgeable and highly trained representatives will be ready to provide support related to credit and other services. USAA also has a mobile app that you can install on both Android and iOS devices.

USAA lets you join their affiliate program and promote their brand to the active and retired military and their family members. They pay you a decent commission for contributing qualified leads regarding credit cards, auto insurance, and other monetary services.

As an affiliate, you receive creative patriotic banners to include on your website or other marketing channels. USAA has a strong support system where experts will answer the target audience’s questions regarding their services.

URL: USAA Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

7. Lending Tree

Lending tree affiliate program

Lending Tree is an online marketplace that connects credit card providers, loan operators, and other similar professionals to potential borrowers. You can compare and shop for the best credit card deals with this platform.

They’ve categorized the credit cards based on balance transfer, rewards, cash-back, travel, business, and other topics. Some of Lending Tree’s best offers are the Citi Diamond Preferred Card, Wells Fargo Active Cash Card, Discover it Cash Back, Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card, etc.

Lending Tree helps you track your credit score with its Lending Tree Spring tool. This free tool features credit monitoring and helps you enhance your credit health based on its personalized monetary tips and insights.

Besides, Lending Tree lets you sort the credit card deals based on your credit score. This way, you can apply for the credit cards you qualify for, increasing your chances of approval.

The Lending Tree affiliate program allows you to earn commissions for each lead you contribute to their platform. You’ll receive some marketing materials, such as tracking links and creative banners to include on your website.

Besides, Lending Tree sends you regular alerts and emails to all of its affiliates. This approach will help you stay current with their latest affiliate marketing updates.

URL: Lending Tree Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Around $70 per lead

Cookie Duration: N/A

8. Commission Soup

Commission soup affiliate program

Commission Soup is an affiliate marketing network that focuses on credit card marketing solutions. It is a division of the leading performance marketing company, Bulldog Media Group, that deals with financial services.

This privately owned company provides a reliable Cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate platform. They aim to cultivate an optimal marketing relationship between credit card companies and affiliates by focusing on transparency and collaboration.

Commission Soup has partnered with some of the leading credit card brands. Some include Capital One, American Express, Premier Bankcard, Indigo, Credit One Bank, Milestone, Total, etc.

The application procedure for Commission Soup’s affiliate program takes a minimal amount of time. They compensate you for your effort based on the number of sales that you contribute to their network. You have to reach the minimum payout threshold of $100 to cash it out.

Commission Soup offers its affiliates a set of creative promotional materials, such as banners. As an affiliate, you get access to the state-of-the-art tracking tool that’ll help you monitor the performance of multiple affiliate campaigns at once.

Moreover, Commission Soup connects you with an Account Representative who’s going to help you generate a specialized marketing plan for your website. You’ll also receive updates and changes regarding any changes to this affiliate network.

URL: Commission Soup Affiliate Network

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

9. Credit Karma

Credit karma affiliate program

Credit Karma is an Intuit-owned personal finance company based in the USA. They help you track your credit score, apply for the card offer that you’re qualified for, and also provide other financial services, such as moneylending for automobiles, homes, etc.

With Credit Karma, you can easily spot any changes made to your credit report. They send you alerts when they face anything suspicious. This way, you can safeguard your credit card from identity theft and other threats.

Credit Karms recommends a list of curated credit cards that you can apply for. Some of the popular cards are Chase Freedom Unlimited, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, Citi Simplicity Card, Citi Double Cash Card, World of Hyatt Credit Card, etc.

Besides, you can sort from many other credit card options based on various categories. Some include airline, business, cash back, rewards, students, balance transfer, low interest and 0%, etc.

You can download Credit Karma’s app, which supports both Android and iOS devices. They have a customer base of more than 100 million members.

Additionally, Credit Karma has a huge resource of articles and insights. They also provide you with financial calculators that’ll help you make better financial decisions in the future.

If you want to become one of Credit Karma’s affiliates, you can sign up via the Flex Offers network. They track your affiliate performance from the tracking code and have a total cookie duration period of 30 days.

URL: Credit Karma Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

10. Chime

Chime affiliate program

Chime is an award-winning fintech company that has partnered with national banks to bring you member-first financial products. They aim to provide better and low-cost banking options to Americans who aren’t satisfied with traditional banks.

The financial products that Chime offers are a Checking Account, a Chime Visa Debit Card, a Secured Chime Credit Builder Visa Card, etc. You don’t have to pay overdraft, monthly fees, and foreign transaction fees with this fintech provider.

Chime features a credit builder tool where you can grow your credit using a secure, free, and easy approach. You can also unlock better financial options in the future as it lets offer moneylending for a house or car with better interest rates.

You can increase the FICO credit score by an average of 30 points by signing up for their credit card and builder tool. Besides, Chime doesn’t have any minimum balance requirement criteria.

Moreover, Chime has a network of over 60,000 fee-free ATM locations from more than 3 national banks combined.

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, and other media brands have mentioned Chime in their publication.

Chime lets you join its affiliate program via the Commission Junction network. Their team will review your application and either approve your request if it meets the requirements or contact you if it lacks some information that they require.

URL: Chime Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

11. Square

Square affiliate program

Square started as a credit card offer-providing company that later expanded to a large business technology platform. They offer a complete suite of business tools and equitable moneylending to both small and medium-sized businesses.

The application process for a credit card is easy and free of cost with Square. This slick metal card comes with a custom credit limit and fraud protection. The approval is quick and also supports the automatic repayment option.

Chime offers several other financial products, such as savings accounts, moneylending, checking accounts, etc. They do not charge any overdraft fees or monthly account fees. There is no minimum balance requirement and also requires no opening deposit.

More than 4 million businesses across the globe trust Square, and they handle 4 billion individual sales transactions in a year. This fintech company supports all business types, such as food & beverage, beauty salons, fitness, fast casual, bars & breweries, etc.

You can apply for Chime’s affiliate program with a website with content relevant to their product offerings. They provide custom banners to promote their brand on your site.

Chime also offers you a tracking link that they’ll use to count the number of referred users from your website. You’ll receive a decent commission for each new sale that you contribute. Also, they have a generous cookie duration period for their affiliate program of 45 days.

URL: Chime Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

12. SumUp

Sumup affiliate program

SumUp is a UK-based fintech company providing financial services to merchants from over 30 countries. They offer a range of card readers and multiple remote payment solutions, such as gift cards, invoices, payment links, etc.

Some of SumUp’s popular products are SumUp PoS, Solo Card Reader, and Plus Card Reader. Their PoS lets business owners manage orders efficiently, create or edit menus quickly, get insightful customer information, create a seamless checkout experience, and more.

SumUp’s Solo Card Reader provides an all-in-one card payment solution by accepting both credit and debit card payments. It supports various card providers, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, etc.

Besides, the Plus Card Reader of SumUp features superior technology that can handle 500+ credit and debit card transactions on a single charge. Apart from card reading service, it also manages the products in your catalog, provides a personal revenue report, and works as a digital cashier.

SumUp lets content creators, sales associates, influencers, and other professionals monetize their traffic via its affiliate program. As one of its affiliates, you’ll receive a competitive commission for each sale of a card reader that you contribute.

You have to sign up via Rakuten Advertising to sign up for SumUp’s affiliate marketing program. Besides, you need to have a website or a relevant promotional plan to qualify for this campaign.

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

13. Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited debt relief affiliate program

Accredited Debt Relief is a US-based financial consultant that helps clients receive debt-free financial stability. They have a track record of 300,000+ clients and have resolved over 3 billion USD in debt in their more than 12 years of operation.

With Accredited Debt Relief, you can reduce your payments on credit card debt, personal debt, department store credit debt, and medical debt. Their expert team will recommend a product that suits your financial needs and budget.

Moreover, this consultant provides you access to their resources of educational content and tools.

Accredited Debt Relief got an excellent 4.9 stars average rating from more than 5.5k reviewers on Trustpilot. They’ve received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well. Besides, the American Association for Debt Resolution has provided accreditation to this consultant company.

The affiliate program of Accredited Debt Relief offers competitive payouts and one-on-one support from dedicated partnership managers. They follow the pay-per-lead model to compensate you for your contribution.

Accreditated Debt Relief pays you highly competitive commissions for sending qualified leads to their platform. They offer all of their affiliates superior back-end support so you can bring more traffic.

URL: Accreditated Debt Relief Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A

14. Credit Card Broker

Credit card broker

Credit Card Broker is an affiliate network that deals with online marketing and business development solutions. Some of their popular services include credit card offers, credit monitoring, merchant accounts, and more.

Their credit monitoring service provides access to the status of your credit profile, credit report, and score. It also alerts you about activities taking place on your credit and loan products so that you can identify any attempts of identity theft or fraudulent activities.

Credit Card Broker encourage businesses and individuals to sign up for their affiliate program and earn a decent commission in the per sale or per lead model. As an affiliate, you get to promote consumer credit card offers, business credit card offers, personal loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, catalog/shopping cards, etc.

Besides, they feature a merchant account that lets both businesses and individuals accept payments via credit card, either online or offline. They’ll share a commission with you for each new account opened by your referred member.

Credit Card Broker encourages credit-related website owners, ethical digital marketers, and other similar professionals to join their network.

URL: Credit Card Broker Affiliate Network

Commission Rate: N/A

Cookie Duration: N/A


There are several factors that you need to focus on while picking the optimal affiliate program related to this niche. Some include product offerings, commission structure, market served, competition, etc. I suggest you do careful research and read their terms and conditions before enrolling in the perfect program.

Also, make sure you have content on your website, social media, or other marketing channels that’s relevant to the credit industry. This way, you’ll be successful in convincing your audience to purchase the products and services these credit card companies offer.

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